5+1 Ways To Boost mCommerce Sales

Favorite shopping channels of buyers are shifting towards mobile devices. While the mobile share of retail eCommerce transaction is increasing rapidly, there are various ways to boost your mCommerce sales for taking the advantage of this trend.
Also, the statistics reveal that every effort to have a share in mCommerce deserves attention.

  • The research shows that mCommerce accounted for 55 percent of e-retail sales in Japan and 60 percent in Sweden as of the second quarter of 2018.
  • The global mCommerce transaction value is expected to reach 693.36 billion US dollars in 2019.
  • Holiday seasons are providing exceptionally higher numbers of sales on mobile devices.


How To Boost Your mCommerce Sales?

There is no doubt that mCommerce sales are on rising in the world. What about yours? Let’s take look at ways to boost your mCommerce sales.

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Be Mobile-Friendly

People may tend to leave your online store forever if you fail to offer them a pleasant experience. Yes, this is the worst scenario and no, you don’t have to be one of these stores. You can change the destiny of your online store by providing your visitors with a seamless mobile user experience.

To be mobile-friendly, you need not only to create a responsive web design but also to optimize your store. For example for an easy connection to the payment process, you can use a CTA button saying, “BUY NOW” on the top. This is an easy and effective touch for an online store, but there are many other tips to optimize your online store such as featuring large, high-quality images that can be zoomed into, fast page load speeds etc. Also, you may consider building a mobile app store.

Provide Easy Checkout

Your visitor can fall in love with your products; however, it is only a matter of time to lose them if your checkout process requires quite an effort and time. While designing your checkout page, stay away from a complicated process. You need to be as simple as possible to provide easy checkout if you expect the user to finish the payment while still ready to pay.


Make Product Search Easy

Shoppers are not a big fan of wasting time while trying to find what they are looking for. When it is easy to find a product in your online store, your conversion rates increase. This conversion can be the sale of a product or the install of your mobile shopping app.
There is no doubt that the search bar is a useful way for the easy search feature, but it is not the only one. To boost your mCommerce sales, you should provide a good filtering experience. Let’s imagine that you sell clothes, you can let your users refine their results as of size, price, popularity, color, and other special features. It is usually not enough to filter the products as XS sized dresses. Is it for special events or for daily use? How long is it? Give your user freedom to minimize the number of products on the result page.

Write Useful Product Descriptions

What is your product exactly? You need to inform your users of every single detail about the product. Product descriptions are supposed to let them know about the product features and benefits. This is necessary for both convincing the user and ranking well on search engines.

To be useful, you don’t have to be boring. Find a clear and helpful language to write your product descriptions. Storytelling is probably the best way to give information about a product. Also, you can make use of bullet points for the details such as shipping periods, color alternatives etc. For example, if you are selling shoes, you can use bullet point for the information of how high are the heels and use storytelling technique to tell users why to buy these shoes.

Increase Engagement

To boost mCommerce sales, introducing yourself to the users is obviously important. Make use of all the channels to reach your potential customers. As an online shopping owner, you need to create and then increase engagement. This is actually the key for every business. Well, how can you increase engagement with your potential buyers?
Push notifications! Yes, they are more useful to boost mCommerce sales than they are annoying to the users. This is not just a guess. Many research results show that push notifications have high interaction rates, many of which turn to purchase. Regular notifications of new arrivals, popular products or promotions will help you stay in mind of the users.
Remarketing is also crucial to invite the users who once visited your store. If they added a product in the cart and left it there without completing the payment process, remind them of this product and offer something more.
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Pay Attention To Security

Everybody knows the digital world is full of malicious people and they are looking for security. If people will share their banking account information, they need to trust you. This is why sharing the information on the reasons for your store being safe for online shopping is a great idea!

Also, be sure that this information has a ground. Do your best to protect the personal information of your customers. Once people experience a fraud or any other negative experience in your online store, the word will spread like a wildfire. If a customer is not happy with the service or does not trust you, try to communicate with them and solve their problems for making them happy customers again.

Final Words

The digital world is pretty much like the physical world. If there are people around your store, get out of your store and invite them in. If they accept to enter your store and don’t buy a thing in the end, do not forget to say “hello” to them when you see them again later. A warm smile can make them come into your store again and buy a product this time.
Different devices require different features and designs, so start your path having a mobile-friendly online store. Now you are ready to invite people in! Then, introduce your products to your visitors like in a physical store. Ask them what are they looking for and let them find the products in a few steps.
If they can’t decide and leave your online store without buying, trace their fingerprints and find them to remind them of you by saying “hello”. And consider the safety of your customers. Success in mCommerce business means increasing the numbers of sales. So, you need to discover the ways that suit your own case to boost your mCommerce sales.

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