5 Distribution Channels to Promote Your Mobile App

The marketing plan you prepared for your mobile app should contain promotion activities for building awareness, driving downloads, boosting retention, and encouraging sharing. So, where should you promote your mobile app?

The answer depends on your target audience. Here are some marketing channels to promote your mobile app.

1- App Stores

The most common app distribution channel is an app store because they reach a global audience and do not require a budget. An app store is like a marketplace for your mobile app. App consumers can browse and install the app they like. It means there is a potential customer who is ready to consume an app. However, you need to consider various app stores to promote your mobile app to reach more customers and avoid focusing only on one app store.

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2- Social Media

Social media is a free distribution channel for marketers. You can create an account on various social media platforms to reach your potential and existing customers. Social media posts should be considered carefully based on the platforms you share. You need to make your followers get engaged with your posts to reach more people free. You can share relevant industry news, links to blog posts, and user-generated content.

3- Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective way to promote your mobile app because users should be already interested in your products and business if they added themselves to your email campaign list. You can use your social media channels to collect email addresses. Another way to collect email addresses is to put an action button on your site, so people who are interested in business can give their email addresses.

4- Advertising

When you are prepared to scale your distribution channels, it is time to start running some ads. The greater you can invest in advertising and marketing, the higher outcomes your campaigns will get. However, you need to plan very well before you run advertising. You need to decide which channels you will use. For example, you can run a TV-ad if your audience prefers to watch TV. Another example is that you may use social media advertising if your potential app users are relatively young and like to hang on social media rather than watching TV. You can research the demographic and psychographic tendency of your audience to choose the best advertising channel.

5- Content Marketing

Content marketing is highly effective because the content gives some value to the audience during their search for information. In addition to this, posting content to your website helps build your website’s SEO rankings. However, you carefully consider the content you will be sharing. It should be creative and readable, and it should build trust in your users.


In conclusion, you need to choose your distribution channel as a part of your marketing plan. You need to take into consideration your users’ needs and wants while deciding the distribution channel. Also, you can check “What Are The Best Distribution Channels for App Marketing?” to learn more about mobile app distribution channels.

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