What Are The Best Tips For Writing Amazing App Store Descriptions?

After fighting to create an awesome application, many developers underestimate this step where they need to talk about their work and what they developed. If you check the chart below you can see that app store is equally important for both, Android and iOS apps. And it is the first place where users will search for your app. This is the reason why you need to optimize all the elements in the app store page, including app description.

This article is part of the series “How to make a perfect ASO” along with How To Adapt To Shorter App Names On App Store, where we offer a lot of useful tips on how to create great app names.
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9 Best Practices For Amazing App Store Descriptions

There is no magic formula for a great app store description but there are some important key points you need to be aware of when you create your app store page or when you need to write some ideas about your app.

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Include Social Proof

We keep highlighting how important is Word Of Mouth in every stage of promoting your app. If you include in your app description some sites or blogs that mentioned your app in some of their articles then you will draw attention to the value of your app. If you got some great reviews or, influencers in your domain talked about your app in a good way you need to add that as well. Every positive thought will bring other favorable actions.

Give Importance to The First 3 Lines

You need to keep in mind that only the first 3 lines are visible for people that reached your app store page, before they select to see more. It is essential to concentrate your message in this paragraph, because you will never know for sure if they will be patient enough to read the whole description. It is a good idea to start with the reason they should download your app and in what manner it will solve a problem for users. If you intrigue them from the first sentence there are big chances to convince them to search for more.

Localize If It Need It

We talked about the fields you conquer when you localize your app. But you need to translate all the elements available on the app store page, including app description. It is vital to make users understand all about your app in their native language. In the same time you can impress them with the level of involvement and the attention you give to your app.

Don’t Only Focus On Your App’s Features, But Also Include The Value You Promise

It is very simple to list all the components of your app and how you combined them, but users are more interested about the essence of the app, how is your app a solution for their needs and how your app will improve their living. Concentrate more on the interests of your users and less on bragging your app. If you prove them that you created this app for helping them, they will figure out how your app is better than the rest in its category. One more thing: Never lie.

Add Emotions

When you are in the middle of the story, focus on users’ feelings. Make them understand that you consider their needs and how your app is so amazing that they will forget about all the obstacles they encountered before downloading your app. In the same time you can show them how your app will bring them closer to their family and friends or how their effort at work will be rewarded after they will use your app. Reaching their heart will convince them how beneficial is to install your app. This is the path chosen by Instagram.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Filling your app description with keywords will do more harm than good. The entire text needs to follow a logic thread and to be fascinating. If you annoy your users with nonsense words then prepare yourself for the opposite effect of your work.

Keep It Simple

If you start with technical terms and boring stuff you must imagine that your viewers will be confused and they will leave app store page in a second. Try to use their language and to focus only on the elements that concern them. Don’t go too much into details and let them discover minor points in the moment they will download the app. In the same time you need to avoid special characters, no matter how enthusiastic you are. Take a look at Slack’s description: simple and effective.

Add Calls to Action

Don’t forget your goal and the purpose of this description. Now that you did everything to impress your future users it’s time to lead them in the right direction. Now, you must show them that they will receive everything you promised if they download your app.

Test It and Improve It For Better Results

After we gave you some clues about the best procedures, you probably have some ideas of great descriptions. This is very good. When you have multiple approaches for a problem, the solution is to think about A/B testing. Take a look at our previous article Mobile A/B Testing: Best Practices And Tools, where we listed some great tips and important tools which can help you with the entire process of testing. Remember that you can change the app description any time and you need to figure out what is the most advantageous content.

Final Thoughts

Since app store page is such an important channel for acquiring new users, it is crucial to realize that every little detail counts and to pay attention to the way you are creating your description. We listed some simple ideas you can follow when you communicate the most relevant aspects of your app to your potential users. You need to convince them to press the Download button with every word you are writing there. Stay focused on the quality of your app and address them the right message.

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