The What and Hows of Instagram App Install Ads on Stories -

The What and Hows of Instagram App Install Ads on Stories


Everybody on this planet knows Instagram Stories. But how many app owners are aware of the new tool offered by Instagram, called Instagram Stories Ads recently launched for promoting their products? No problem, we will tell you everything about it.

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What Are Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Ads were announced in January and launched in March for the general public. This feature provides targeting options and measurement solutions for a complete campaign which will engage the 250 million daily users, the milestone announced in August, this year. Instagram Stories Ads are available through Marketing API, Power Editor and Ads Manager, as explained in an article on Instagram official blog.

How To Create App Install Ads On Stories?

You can create Instagram Stories Ads with the help of Facebook, of course. A small tutorial is available on the Business Page. When it comes to targeting and measurement tools Instagram Stories Ads are similar to the ones that run in Feed on Facebook and Instagram. Full screen images or vertical video will tell the story of your product while filters, text overlay and other drawings will provide the wanted effect. It is good to know that the ads are shown between stories and they are gone after 24 hours.

Ad Specifications

Because it is vital to respect the guidelines offered by the ad network, we will add the list of ad specifications as shown on the Instagram Stories Ads Guide, but keep in mind that captions aren’t available for the moment. Instead, you can integrate the text in the video file.

  • Format of the ad is full screen vertical ad (9:16)
  • Recommended Resolution: 1080 x 1920
  • Minimum Resolution: 600 x 1067
  • File Types: .mp4 or .mov (Video) or .jpg or .png (Photo)
  • Recommended Video Codecs: h.264, VP8
  • Recommended Audio Codecs: AAC, Vorbis
  • Maximum File Size: 4GB (Video) or 30MB (Photo)
  • Video Length: Maximum 15 seconds
  • Photo Content: Visible for 3 seconds

Add An Install CTA

Even though in the guide, Call To Action appears as optional don’t even think about showing your ad without a strong CTA. What this button says depends on the purpose of the ad. If you run an ad for driving more installs Instagram recommends attracting users with Install App or Install Now. In case you want to reach conversion you can consider Install App, Install Now or Use App.

Pick A Full Screen Image

There are situations when you can’t create a video but you can use a single image. It will be displayed for a few seconds and viewers will be able to close it anytime they want. With those ideas in mind, you should select a spectacular picture and to add a short text for a greater impact. We need to underline the word “short” for those who tend to write the entire app description on their ad.

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Objectives For Using Ads On Instagram Stories

If your dilemma is why to use Instagram Stories Ads then ask no more because here is a list with suitable answers.

Direct – Response Advantage

Adding a CTA button provides viewers the ability to answer to your ad. In case they are attracted by the experience offered they will tap on it and you will observe its effects. While they will see that your content has a “Sponsored” tag they will be surprised to discover that they are watching an ad and not a real story.

Hitting Targeting Ability

When you expect your ad to be successful you need to keep in mind the most important aspect of the entire campaign, which is represented by the characteristics of people who will download your app. Thinking about the profile of your potential users is the key to the strategy and Facebook along with Instagram have those options covered on the advertising platform. Of course, this is also available for Instagram Stories Ads.

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Ability To Use Video Ads

If you didn’t hear us a million times before talking about the efficiency of video ads, then we say it again: video ads are one of the best ad formats of the moment. And let’s not forget about the vertical mode of Instagram Stories Ads which offers a seamless experience between stories.

Easy To Grab Attention

Because we are talking about immersive ads it won’t be difficult to engage users into the action presented by the promotional content. Impressive visuals will attract them even more. Keep in mind that the ad is shown in the right moment, when they make a little break between stories and they are eager to discover something new.

Airbnb’s Awesome Experience

Airbnb is one of the 30 companies who tested this feature. A 15 seconds video shares the idea of wonderful adventures powered by Airbnb. Eric Toda from Airbnb recognizes that the first attempt was a success and this is the reason why the partnership with Instagram will continue for attracting the audience that matters with the right story.

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Creating Not Only An Ad But Also A Story

As you probably figured out by now, Instagram doesn’t sell ads, it sells stories. And how else to maintain your app in users’ minds if not with an amazing narrative which will remind them about your product in the moment they will need it?

Buzzed Brand Awareness

We were talking about Airbnb which was one of the brands who tried this format for the first time. But what if your business is not so recognizable from Instagrammers’ point of view? Don’t worry because it is all about the content of the ad. If you catch users’ attention with your visuals than you can be sure that they will want to discover more about your product.

Final Thoughts

These would be the most important elements about Instagram Stories Ads. It is a promising feature which can help your app to meet its users through engaging picture or video format while they are waiting to see the next story on their favorite social network.


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