Mobile App Success Story: PUBG Mobile -

Mobile App Success Story: PUBG Mobile


Do you know PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the popular game everyone is playing on PC? Yes, you know it! It was just a rhetorical question! But do you know that there is an official mobile version of the game? Of course, you know that already and probably playing it as we speak! It is a real sensation! But maybe you don’t know the entire story behind its success. And this is our plan for the next few minutes. We will tell you about some efficient methods used for promoting PUBG Mobile.

Brilliant Idea

Everything started in March, last year with the launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the famous multiplayer battle royale game for PC. It was designed by Brendan Greene and developed by PUBG Corporation. After a year, Tencent, the Chinese game development company, built the mobile versions of the game and released it on both major markets. So the game is available now on Apple App Store and on Google Play. If there is someone who reads this post and doesn’t know what’s PUBG we should tell you that it is about you and other 99 players who arrive on an 8X8 km island and need to fight to be the last one who survives. You are allowed to use all kinds of awesome vehicles, weapons, and supplies for eliminating the other players. Let’s discover more about PUBG Mobile!

How PUBG Mobile Did It

We already talked about Rules of Survival, the game built on the same concept. Now it is time to discover the marketing techniques used by the creators of the official version of PUBG for reaching this huge success.

Soft Launch

Even though the game was so popular on the desktop, the team behind PUBG didn’t want to take any risks and launched the game just for the users in Canada. Actually, the scope was to test the game and to see how the audience will receive the mobile version, but this strategy is also a great method for game developers to eliminate the errors that may appear. Either way, if you want to discover the advantages and disadvantages of the soft launch and to learn the best practices when it comes to releasing your product on a smaller market, we have the best guide for you. Going back to PUBG Mobile, the game was in beta test for just a week before its worldwide release. This takes us to the following point.

Going Worldwide

It is not the first (and definitely not the last) time when we say that China is the land of mobile game fans. This and the fact that Tencent Games is a Chinese company would make you think that the game was first launched in China. But soon after the soft launch, PUBG Mobile was released for the users in the United States and in other 122 regions. There’s no need to say how well was received the mobile version of this multiplayer battle royale title. Launching the game on both platforms was a real benefit. This decision allowed Android and iOS users to enjoy PUBG Mobile at the same time. Moreover, the game for small screens is almost identical to the game for desktop, except the controls. While this is obvious, there is something that will change that. Read further for learning more about playing a mobile game on PC.

Anti – Cheating Mechanisms

Do you know those games with amazing app store pages but with all those reviews saying that the product is great but cheaters ruin the entire experience? And not to mention their Facebook pages where all the fans ask the same thing in the comments, to make something about cheaters? We all recognize this pattern. But, this isn’t the case with PUBG Mobile, because Tencent already implemented special mechanisms against those users who want to win unfair advantages. And this is not all. The company continues to improve the game for attracting more and more users.

Free To Play

In case you want to know the monetization strategy for PUBG Mobile, we need to point out that the company behind the game followed the same system seen before in Game category. The game is free to download and in-app elements are available for those who want to purchase them. In the same time, we should highlight that the gameplay doesn’t depend on the users’ budget. There are players who enjoy the experience without paying anything and there are others who can’t go further without buying some special items. In fact, PUBG Mobile is a real proof that the mechanism of addiction behind mobile games really works because it offers amazing graphics and sounds effects, encourages players to continue with their adventure, allows them to connect with other players, engages them with rewards and challenges them with tournaments.

Bonus Tip: Combine Mobile With PC!

We already said (numerous times) that mobile version of PUBG is a smash hit, but this doesn’t mean that some players don’t miss a couple of things from the PC game. For this reason, Tencent team decided to create an Android emulator for the computer which allows users to play PUBG Mobile using mouse and keyboard. But before getting into the game they need to go through settings and choose the resolution. The best part is that users can enjoy the adventure with other gamers who use the emulator. For now, the official emulator is in public beta. So you can test it and discover the advantages provided by a mobile game played on PC.

Final Thoughts

So, this is the brief story behind PUBG Mobile, the official mobile version of the popular PC game. There are still many things to be said about the experience offered by this battle royale title. For now, we just want to highlight that after just a few months since its global release the game is a phenomenal sensation! Imagine its success after a few years! Well, we’ll be here, ready to share with you all the essential details!


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