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Mobile App Success Story: How Headspace Did It


In order to succeed in a domain, every startup owner has a certain mindset, acquired with the help of meditation. If you search on Google, you will discover that most entrepreneurs start their day with this activity. And because we are here to discuss apps that improved their users’ lives we will share with you the insights of Headspace, the app that teaches you everything you need to know about meditation and mindfulness. Stay close because this is going to be interesting.

Brilliant Idea

You will be amazed by the story on how Headspace app was created. The man behind the app is Andy Puddicombe. While he was studying Sports Science he started his wonderful journey to Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Australia, and Russia to learn meditation. After 10 years he became a Tibetan monk. With this impressive knowledge, he returned to the UK and decided to teach everybody the concept of mindfulness. This way he met Rich Pierson who needed Andy’s help because he was struggling with the stress generated by … well, the advertising ecosystem. In 2010, they started together Headspace, the company which offers video tutorials, lessons, articles, animations and everything related to meditation. Because the mobile environment becomes stronger and stronger they launched Headspace app in 2012 with the purpose of offering access to wellness for everybody, anytime, anywhere.

How Headspace Did It

If you must know there are plenty of meditation apps in Google Play Store and Apple App Store but, what makes Headspace so special and what are the methods used for convincing users to maintain their healthy schedule? Let’s discover them.


We will start from the beginning. After downloading the app, what’s next? Users need to sign up, but the interface is so clear and simple that they complete this task in a second. After that, they receive a message which emphasizes the reason why they downloaded Headspace in the first place and it recommends the next steps for achieving their purpose. The serenity revealed by this text encourages customers to continue their journey inside the app. This friendly style allows users to focus on their assignments and those funny characters make all the challenges less stressful. Further, carefully chosen colors engage users and convince them about the efficiency of the app.


Again with the freemium model, you will say. But Headspace is another proof that this system really functions if you follow the best practices when it comes to convincing people to pay for more advanced features. The basic program that teaches users how to meditate is so well designed that customers will find enough resources in their pockets for the premium version. Some bonuses or incentives definitely make this transition easier. Pay attention to the way Headspace owners make it clear for users on the official site and in the app description on the markets that the first ten lessons will offer them only the fundamentals and they need to pay if they want to discover more. Be honest and everything will be fine! As Headspace’s owners say the basic version is like an aspirin that cures the pain in a specific moment, while subscription packs represent the vitamin which improves users’ daily living.


Well, one of the growth engines of this app is without a doubt represented by the big names which found great benefits after using it. It happened just like in many other cases. The natural habit is to spread the word about Headspace and every person who wants to be as successful as the ones that appear in the movies will follow the same routine hoping that these practices will put them on the same path followed by celebrities. Luckily we are talking about healthy rules which will clearly improve their lives even though they won’t become Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow or Richard Branson.


While the elements inspired by mobile games aren’t the main purpose of using Headspace, the reward displayed motivates users to spend their time inside the app and to finish their activities for taking control over their own thoughts. These mechanisms are even more efficient with the promise that every session completed by customers brings them one step closer to a happier and healthier mind. If you watch carefully each symbol displayed on the progress map you will understand the way they influence the whole process.

Content Marketing

What makes this app so engaging is the fact that it is part of a more complex service provided with the help of various methods. Users get notified through emails or in-app messages about their next tasks. The company’s YouTube channel offers a plethora of tutorials about meditation and the official blog called The Orange Dot (wonder why?) is constantly updated with various articles related to mindfulness.

In addition to all these, the official website offers all the information needed for users’ adventure inside their heads. Andy Puddicombe is always there, achieving his goal to teach people about the benefits of meditation. Not to mention that the British accent and the calm voice improves the entire experience.

Bonus Tip: Consider The Kids

When you build an app, it is necessary to consider all ages; maybe the young people around you will find some benefits inside your app. Headspace completed all the mandatory stages for attracting both types of users, children and their parents, as we discussed in our article, Building A Kid Friendly App: Onboarding And Monetization. Moreover, after creating different lessons for various groups, 5 and under, 6 – 8, 9 – 12, Headspace takes care to provide valuable lessons for each category.


So, if you struggle with anxiety or depression, Headspace could be the answer for you. In the same time, if you have problems in promoting your app, Headspace can be a real inspiration if you take time to analyze the strategy behind its success. For both types of issues, a single app like Headspace represents the solution. Take advantage of everything this mobile era offers you and do the best you can for your health and for your business.


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