How to Use Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps -

How to Use Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps


As a mobile app owner, you want to let the world know about your new app in the best way possible. So, chances are you might be looking for new and effective marketing strategies that walk you through the most popular channels and promote your app in front of others. Have you ever heard of influencer marketing?

If you don’t know about influencer marketing or its advantages for mobile apps, we will discuss it below.

There are several mobile apps on app stores for users to download. Hence you need to provide the prospects a valid reason to use your app instead of others.

Influencer marketing is an ideal way to give users a valid reason to download your app, but you need to have a good strategy to promote your mobile app via influencer marketing so that it organically matches their expectations.

This post will show you how this effective strategy works and how you can use it for your mobile app. Let’s start!

What is Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps?

Influencer marketing can be defined as the efforts to offer potential users a recommendation to use your products or mobile app by a reliable person, industry expert, or celebrity.

Influencer marketing is also called word of mouth, but its effectiveness is much more than that, and it lets the companies or brands reach out to more people.

An influencer can be any trustworthy person who is popular, and people follow their words. Similarly, an influencer can be a social media personality or blog owner, or even a celebrity with a high number of followers on any social platform.

Nowadays, the most popular and commonly used social media platforms for influencer marketing are Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

For example, you will find many professional gamers on YouTube with thousands of relevant and like-minded followers across the world.

If you want to market or promote a new gaming app via influencer marketing, you can collaborate with these YouTubers to spread the word about your new gaming mobile application.

Why is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Advertising is common these days, but at the same time, people are always trying to find accurate and true information. Instead of anonymous advertising, people tend to believe industry influencers more as they found them a “real person.”

Furthermore, influencers can easily gain confidence and attract the interest of your target users naturally. Therefore, when they advertise or talk about your mobile app, it gives you an opportunity to convince people in the most organic way.

According to surveys and reports, around 60% of your potential customers will likely purchase a product or download your mobile app when recommended by a popular influencer or famous person.

Similarly, many studies and researches have proven that users tend to download the mobile application when they are recommended about a particular application by other people. Technically speaking, this is all because of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is also the most effective way of advertising because it tells a story, and most of us respect those stories, especially those that users can relate to.

However, keep in mind that all influencers are not the ideal to promote your product; instead, you need to find the ones who are excellent storytellers. The influencer must present your app in such a way that your target audience can relate themselves to your new app.

How to Succeed in Influencer Marketing?

If you want to design a successful influencer marketing campaign, it is important to pick the influencer carefully and wisely.

Regardless of your app, keep in mind that you will be working with a person who will represent you in front of thousands of people. To some extent, we can say that the influencers act as your online marketing consultants.

Similarly, many influencers treat their social media following and platforms as a business. Hence you need to approach them in exactly the same way.

Having said, below are some necessary things to consider if you want to succeed in influencer marketing for your mobile apps. These things will allow you to harness the real power of influencer marketing.

Setting targets: Strategy is vital for every advertising, and you need an efficient strategy for a successful marketing campaign. Before approaching a celebrity or a famous personality on Instagram, you need to define your goals and state your requirements. Similarly, you should know what you want to achieve from this cooperation?

Pick the right platform: Knowing and understanding your target audience is vital, but we advise you to contact them irrespective of where they are located. Remember that not all platforms are the same; each has its own properties and features.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any reliable tool to determine the best platform that suits your app. Here we will advise you to do research work and read relevant materials as per your app to select the right platform for your influencer marketing campaign. Think about which platform your target audience uses the most and where they spend their time?

Telling a story: You need to utilize storytelling as a focal point of your marketing campaign. These days people are not that focused on a particular activity and have short attention spans.

So, try to grab their attention in a short span of time. Similarly, users like to hear things that are related to their lives. So if possible, look for these cords and use them in the story form through the influencer.

Influencers like freedom: When you are searching for an influencer for your campaign, you need to be selective. But, at the same time, you must provide them enough space for their creative freedom so that they can represent your product or app in the most organic way.

Their social media profiles have certain elements that can bring success to you by influencing your target audience. Let them creatively show these unique properties.

4 Things to Do Before Launching an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Below are some crucial points to bear in mind before launching an Influencer Marketing campaign:

Don’t forget to set up analytics for your campaign:

Before launching an influencer campaign, you need to set up analytics to track the progress. Analytics is vital whether you have a paid sponsorship with the influencer or plan to run a performance marketing campaign on any social media platform. This will allow you or your marketing team to optimize the campaign timely.

For example, you can easily identify which blogger or influencer failed to meet the set goals through this tracking. In other words, the customer journey should be transparent to you and your marketing team.

Test your app or product first.

Well-known influencers or popular bloggers are too picky. They don’t like to market a product that has flaws or provided less value to the users. So, test your app or product before launching the campaign. Otherwise, you will be putting your reputation at risk, and also the influencers.

Build creative assets

Influencers will use the assets that you will offer them. Therefore, ensure that pictures and videos are of high resolution. Besides, try to make those assets memorable and engaging.

Of course, influencers and bloggers know their followers much better than you, and they perfectly know how to reach and engage the users. So, ensure that the message, USP, and features are clearly stated in the advertising concept.

Use sponsored links as bonuses.

Firstly, this is applicable to the influencers who are fully involved in your app’s marketing campaign. You can consider giving them a premium subscription to your app for free so that they can understand and learn more about your product.

This also allows them to tell their followers about their experience with the product. On the other hand, this whole process will appeal to your audience and force them to download and install the app via the sponsored link.


How to Identify Influencers?

We advise you to use Google Alerts for this purpose as it is the best tool on the market. You can effortlessly set up alerts on topics relevant to your app or product. It also allows you to figure out who’s talking about the product and where.

To find authorities and influencers relevant to your industry, you can also use the AuthoritySpy tool. To determine popular people on social media sites in your industry, you recommend using Klout. Klout even ranks the influencers as per their social influence.

Lastly, you will also find other online tools that can help you to identify popular influencers.

Why Would the Influencer or Celebrity Help Me?

You might be wondering why a reputable person or celebrity works with you or endorse your app/product. The answer is simple, and you will be paying them for their time and efforts.

In some cases, they will also receive a commission from the sale of the products that they advertise. They will often work with you to share valuable and cool stuff with their existing audience and followers.

How Can You Secure an Influencer Endorsement?

If your advertising campaign is well funded, you can acquire the services of a professional celebrity broker company to secure the deal for you. But for self-funded app startups, there are some creative ways. In this case, things will not be that formal, neither will there be a proper endorsement of your app.

You can ask them for a quick mention of your mobile app in their blog or social media, which will give your app incredible exposure.

What are Macro Influencers?

Macro influencers are those with 100,00 followers to 1 million followers. Macro influencers are excellent because they have a large following, and usually, you will find them in a certain niche. Hence they are more effective than the others.

Furthermore, most of the macro-influencers are not celebrities at the start of their career and had to build their following gradually. So they have much stronger bonds with their followers, and people trust them more.

What are Mega Influencers?

These influencers are famous celebrities and celebrity-types rather than young YouTube stars. Usually, mega influencers have over a million followers on any social media site, and their relationship with their audience is somewhat distant.

Mega influencers are more suitable when you want to enhance the visibility of your app, and you don’t have a limited budget. Since mega influencers have a massive number of followers, so their charges are on the higher side. Some famous stars charge up to $1 million for a single sponsored Instagram post.

Due to the high cost of mega influencers, hiring new startups is not the best option; however, they bring more users to your website or app.

When choosing the right influencer for your mobile app marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you have provided them everything they need during the process.

For example, they must know your brand’s vision? Are you providing them with sufficient creative freedom so that they can market your mobile app in their particular style?

Lastly, mega influencers have their own running platform and are more conscious of their personal brand.

Final Thoughts

Almost all of us have an active presence on social media nowadays. Similarly, you will find almost all brands and companies trying to reach out to people on these platforms. As an extremely effective marketing strategy, influencer marketing is usually based on social media platforms to reach out to others and potential prospects.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, but influencer marketing is an evergreen marketing strategy. Even if you have a short or limited budget, you can create and benefit from influencer marketing to promote your mobile app systematically.

Lastly, keep the points mentioned in this reading, and no one is stopping you from creating successful Influencer Marketing For Mobile Apps.


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