How to Tracking Pre-installed Apps -

How to Tracking Pre-installed Apps


Mobile app manufacturers and publishers are trying many different methods to improve the user experience. One of them is the pre-installed app technique.

What is a Pre-installed App

The pre-installed apps are designed to attract app users for manufacturers and accelerate their orientation to their new devices and provide them with ease. With the pre-installed technique, when users get used to these pre-installed apps and want to acquire a new device, it is aimed to increase the possibility of choosing the same brand as the user experience is in this brand. With the technique of pre-installed apps, manufacturers and marketers can collect more data about their users through these apps and use this data for targeted campaigns that aim to improve the user experience or customized to the user. Not all smart devices have such pre-installed apps. Manufacturers and marketers need a company like App Samurai for such pre-installed apps.


What is a Pre-Installed App Campaign?

App owners can ask manufacturers and publishers to pre-install their apps on devices. You can monitor your app’s user data using apps pre-installed on the devices. In this way, you can access various data, determine target audiences, and reach broad audiences without publishing online campaigns. Partners can monitor application data at any time and provide multiple targeting campaigns.


Tracking Pre-installed Apps

To monitor, when the application is opened for the first time, it must send SDK information about the application for preloading. SDK has unique methods for hard coding. If you have more than one partner, create a separate build for each application. The form must have settings that contain information about the partner using this build. You can provide tracking by getting a tracking ID.



With pre-install apps, you can determine and track the number of users who started your app, the number of app users fetched by the manufacturer, and the LTV of your app users.

App Samurai makes pre-installed contracted mobile apps for you. You can contact to create and track a pre-installed app.



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