Generational Marketing #3: Mobile Marketing Trends To Reach Gen Z


Traditional marketing might be very effective in previous generations, but now you have to learn to market to the next generation, called Generation Z. Generation Z, that is, the generation that has been with technology since the very beginning of their lives. It is quite easy to separate this generation from the Y generation. However, marketing to this generation is not easy. If you want to market to this generation that is constantly online and mobile, we recommend that you focus on mobile marketing as App Samurai. For a publisher who has a good understanding of mobile marketing techniques and mobile marketing strategy, this can be considered quite easy. Because it’s easy to access. However, mobile marketing trends and dynamics are constantly changing, so in this article we will try to explain the subtleties of this business.

Who is Gen Z?

So who is this Gen Z?  Generation Z is technically used to refer to people who were born between 1995 and mid-2000. This population, which makes up about 1/3 of the world population; they are extremely digitally knowledgeable, well versed in mobile devices, and hardly remember a world without digitality.

They differ from Generation Y in that their attention span is quite short and their attention can change focus quickly. So first impressions for the Z generation are extremely vital. Interest levels are as short as 8 seconds, so marketers need to get their attention within those 8 seconds. They are also quite impatient to retain if you get their attention. Generation Z constitutes the strongest consumer groups in the market today. So you have to give them due importance.

How to target Gen Z?

The purchasing power of Generation Z is more than $ 40 billion. Therefore, you should know the characteristics of Gen Z well and learn how to market to Gen Z. Gen Z age range appears to be 15-25. But actually, Gen Z includes a wider audience. Some consumers of Generation Y also behave like Gen Z consumers. In addition, the generation we call the Millennium age behaves like Gen Zs in consumption for now. Therefore, it is useful to be knowledgeable about generational marketing. In short, it means segmentation in marketing, organization according to the audience, communication studies, language, and making the technology suitable for the generation.

If you’re targeting Generation Z, forget about traditional marketing methods. Real people want to see in Gen-Z marketing campaigns. These people must have the same beliefs and struggle for survival as Gen Z. They also expect what you want to sell adds value to them and meets their needs. You can’t market anything to Gen Z just for selling. You should explain in detail and simple how what you want to sell will help them. Generation Z lives an extremely fast life, so you have to be fast while producing content for them and at the same time create effective content. Remember, the focus is on you for only 8 seconds. At this point, you should understand that you have to do most of your marketing as mobile marketing. Especially mobile app marketing is the most ideal method for them. You can produce very fast and effective content in various social media apps. Moreover, mobile app marketing techniques have developed so much that you can catch your Z-generation audience in less than 8 seconds. Especially, follow social media platforms closely and use these platforms well. If you can catch the mobile marketing trends on these platforms with constantly changing dynamics, you have caught the Z generation. A large part of Generation Z’s lives takes place on the Internet and social media. They have quick and easy access to all kinds of information. Therefore, you should focus on this in your mobile app strategy. But do not neglect to take this into account while developing your strategies; the same marketing technique is not applied in every channel. You should develop a marketing technique specific to each app and platform that Generation Z uses. Customizations and customizations are critical for the Z generation.

In short, you have to keep up with a new marketing world for this new generation that covers such a large market.


You should develop digital marketing strategies, especially focus more on the mobile world. You can reach your Generation Z audience by changing your marketing dynamics based on all the tips we have mentioned. As App Samurai, we will be happy to serve you in the field of mobile marketing. You can get support from us to be able to mobile app marketing, creating your mobile marketing strategy, give you detailed information about mobile app marketing techniques, and catch mobile marketing trends.


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