App Samurai Kills it at the Smarties Awards

App Samurai Kills it at the Smarties Awards


Recently, App Samurai, along with our customer Migros, were acknowledged for our supportive brand-building excellence! Thanks, MMA Global! Awards are lovely and shiny, however, the true shining stars are the dedicated staff, determined to pushing our client’s success to the limit! 

So, we sat down with Furkan Bukan, (actually, we talked over slack, but, hey this is the technological age) our dashing and solutions-orientated Customer Success Team Leader to discuss those award-winning strategies that took Migros from #9 in the app store, to #3 in weeks! Here is our instant-message interview:


Award #1 – [EMEA] Category: Promotion. Silver winner. Award #2 – [Turkey] Category: Promotion. Bronze Winner. Not satisfied with just acquiring users, Migros wants to change the way people shop, and hence, App Samurai conceptualized and executed the “Interactive Shopping” campaign (below).

Alright Furkan, you know the drill, tell us about the “interactive shopping” campaign. 

Essentially, it is to increase app engagement and purchases by targeting cooking and recipe enthusiasts with tailored and interactive content. Migros is a loyalty app with more than 5 million subscribed users. The app presents its users with many features including, but not limited to, making their own shopping lists, looking at their previously purchased items, etc. Sustaining regular active users and keeping them interested and purchasing is the main objective. We identified a core-audience to boost engagement and purchases with women aged between 29-55. We targeted women who are also avid users of recipe apps and sites. In fact, the recipes obtained from these sites and apps often influence their shopping purchases, and very quickly as well. The aim of this interactive ad was to get the attention of our target audience with a potential recipe of interest. Then we would provide them with a promo code that would trigger them to go and purchase the ingredients of this recipe from Migros. To increase brand recall, the add was interactive, as the user would pick the ingredients of their choosing. 

How did App Samurai pull of such an amazing feat?

Turkey’s most preferred recipe/food and beverage apps were targeted to reach the main target group of the campaign. Ads were only shown frequent visitors to these sites and apps. As our goal was not user acquisition, rather engagement, we used a similar execution: interactive in-app ads. We think they’re particularly effective as they are full-screen. Users were encouraged to follow and tailor the recipe to their likings. After completion they receive a promo code from Migros, so they can purchase these ingredients from Migros. 

I’m sure Migros must have been very happy with the results, tell us more! 

The campaign received more than 5M impressions with 1.9M clicks. App sessions during the campaign period increased by 22%. Interactive ads that capture users at the right moment with the right message has the power to truly capture and engross your audience with your message. Thus, this was a successful campaign for Migros. However, the best reward is the shared satisfaction of achieving something tangible and valuable for our client. We espoused Migros as our own brand, and thus, their success and happiness (which was evident, especially when receiving the three awards) is our success and happiness.

Silver Award for the “Virtual Baby” Migros campaign

Award #3: [Turkey] Category: Relationship Building / CRM. Silver award.
This award was granted to App Samurai and our customer, Migros, for the virtual baby project, which was a playable ad that promoted healthy eating with Migros. 

Could you please tell us about the award-winning strategy behind the “virtual baby project?”

The ‘Healthy Baby’ project is a game that was in the form of a playable ad promoting health, that upon completion directs customers to download the Migros app. The objective was to increase UA KPIs and to emphasize the importance of choosing healthy products in the Migros app and follow these recommendations in the Migros app (retention and engagement). Users play ad (virtual baby), after completion, they are directed to the Migros app, where they can learn more about the healthy choices they made in the game, increase their healthy habits through the ordering of more healthy products, and track the progress of their healthy lifestyle goals. Since the aim in this project is to make healthy eating a way of life, the target audience was mass. The brand also sees this project as a social responsibility initiative.

By attracting the attention of the user through a game, it is aimed to interact with the users. To increase their loyalty to the brand and to enable them to internalize healthy living through a game.

Awesome. So how did you execute such a multi-goal campaign? 

Session times, on the “daily health tips” page, within the Migros app, increased by 30%. How did we do this? Turkey’s most preferred dining apps were targeted for advertising. We think in-app advertising was particularly effective, as in-app advertising consumes the audience’s full screen and can also be playable. To enable audience-interaction, we used full-screen context-related playable ads. If we would have run this campaign on web, it probably would not have achieved the same level of success, as the ads would have been a pop-up, and thus, wouldn’t have the same immersive impact.”

Execution usually is key! Now can you tell me about the impact this had on Migros?

The Shopping category has the highest competition in both stores Google Play and the App Store in Turkey. In order to stand out, we required a truly engrossing and brand-driven campaign. In the first week of the campaign, the Migros app rose from #9 to #3 in the Turkey Play Store while it rise from #13 to #9 in Google Play. The campaign received 2 million impressions in a week, with 849.554 clicks. While category visit rates increased significantly, the rate of benefiting from healthy lifestyle campaigns increased by 30%.

Furthermore, for the first time, an advertising campaign supporting healthy living was carried out in a shopping loyalty application, thus Migros was the leader in this fresh and transformative advertising content. 

If you’d like to know more about how App Samurai can help propel you into the top ten in the iOS and Android charts, then get started now.


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