8 Ways to Increase Your App’s Conversion Rate -

8 Ways to Increase Your App’s Conversion Rate

There are many definitions for conversion rate but we can express it as the percentage of users who complete a specific action. In simpler terms, how many people convert from users to customers? As you can imagine, a low conversion rate means that something is not right with your app or with the way you promote it. After user acquisition, user retention is the maximum goal for mobile marketers and app owners. To reach this scope you need to pass through conversion stage, which indicates that you avoided the risk of app abandonment.

While the conversion rate is not entirely up to your strategy, it depends mainly on the platform and app category, you must do your best to influence the way users perceive your app.

8 Ways to Increase Your App’s Conversion Rate

We will sketch the most important points which will lead you to a higher conversion rate. Keep in mind that knowing your users is a crucial condition for accomplishing each of the following stages. Remember that information means power and you need it to start your battle.

Segment Your Users According to Their Risk Levels and Build Different Strategies for Each

Differentiating your users according to churn risk is a great method to start your campaign allowing you to create a smart plan. Since not all users convert in the same manner, it is better to treat each group with distinct procedures for convincing them to complete their actions. Following users’ behavior and choosing the right system for reaching them will demonstrate your attention for their needs. As Appboy proves with its Infographic, personalizing your campaign for each segment will increase conversion by 200%.

Work On Your Push Notifications to Personalize Them

After you understand your users’ intentions you can start planning entire strategies according to the group you created for each risk level. Sending Push Notifications is a great technique for converting your users. But not any kind of push notifications will do the job and not any time is appropriate to send those messages. It is a good moment to remember our article on Rich Push Notifications and discover the best practices which will help you reach your purpose. Sending relevant content which matches your app’s style is a proper way to attract users who delay their decision in completing some tasks. Sending those special offers according to your users’ preferences will reduce the churn risk and at the end of the day you will convince them to convert more.

Use Retargeting

Retargeting is considered the optimal tool for converting users. In our previous article on Mobile App Retargeting, we highlighted the importance of using the same channel for user acquisition and for retargeting. Following the steps described you can reach your users outside your app and remembering them the reasons they installed the app in the first place. Don’t let them forget about your app.

Avoid Intrusive Ads

Nothing is more annoying for each person in this mobile world than having to support an interruption of his activity by annoying ads. Make yourself a service and save the money for truly engaging ads. Analyze your users’ interest and invest in other channels that will show the value of the amount you are spending for them. Avoid paying for driving people away. In this advanced environment of mobile marketing domain there are a lot of solutions that will help you create a connection with your users which will direct you on the path of increasing conversion rate.

Hold Contests and Give Rewards to Encourage

Small contests and other offers will help you in your strategy. The more users you engage, the higher are the chances to optimize your conversion rate. As you can see in the chart below, the incentivized methods show amazing effects for conversion rate. Be careful, though prizes shouldn’t be the only element that keeps users close. They need to be a bonus not a replacement. After all, what matters the most is the value of your app not the reward you offer.

Add Friend Reference Feature To Increase Word Of Mouth

The trick with Word Of Mouth is that it does all the work for you, for free. If you develop an impressive strategy to convince people to spread the word about your app, then you can sit back and relax watching how your app becomes viral. Taken care of those users with a high lifetime value and converting them into ambassadors for your app is the best thing you can do for reaching the supreme goal.


Work on Smart App Onboarding

Besides the marketing efforts, there is something important you need to keep in mind during the development process: onboarding flow. Some wise moves which can be done are sparing users of sharing personal information from start and making your app as interactive as possible. Providing simpler forms for them to compete will have the wanted effect. In the same time you can use tool tips and progress bar or you can create some video tutorials. Difficult to handle apps will see abandonment in the next second. User experience is the one which will decide the future of your app. This is your chance for an amazing first impression. If you conquer their interest in this stage there are big chances to optimize conversion rate.

Analyze Your User Acquisition Strategy to Improve It for Acquiring More Conversions

After you created a plan on how to acquire more users step back and observe it. The goal is not to gain any kind of users; you need to attract the ones that meet the characteristics of your already converted customers. If you invest your money and time in users who will delete your app the next day, then you have nothing. It is best to target people who really need your app and make sure they will keep it and use it for a long time. Go back to the image with mobile marketing funnel for a better understanding.

Final Thoughts

Building a buyer persona is the big answer for increasing conversion rate. Going into details, you can follow the guidelines described above to win the attention of your users and to fight for the success of your app. Start by presenting your app as a smooth journey and personalize each interaction between your brand and customers. Invest your efforts in all the stages of your plan because nothing should be treated lightly in this fierce world.


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