10 Places to Find Beta Users to Test Your App -

10 Places to Find Beta Users to Test Your App

Is your app ready to be published?
It is one of the most common mistakes that indie developers or app owners do to publish the app without testing the app. It is very normal for you to think that your app is awesome but the real decision mechanism to say that if it is worth to use or not is end users. This is why a successful mobile marketing and users acquisition strategy start with the app itself so you should develop a strategy for testing your app.
If you are looking for the right and the most effective places to test your app, here is the list of 10 places to find beta users.



Ubertesters platform helps indie developers to test their app by bringing them together with beta testers from all around the world. Ubertesters provide a platform that helps developers to follow everything testers send like screenshots and bugs they found.
The platform supports both iOS and Android apps. You can test your app according to its usability, functionality, and localization.
You will fill out a form and then a project manager will get in touch with you. After you confirmed the offer, beta users start to test your app and you see all the comments, screenshots, and bugs in a single dashboard.
Lastly, you can create 2 projects for free to hire beta testers. There are 5 pricing models that you can choose according to your need and budget.



Betalist is a platform to both discover new startups and submit new startups. Mobile app developers mostly prefer Betalist because of its high quality user database and its active usage with 70.000+ page views and 10.000+ subscribers. They allow every day to be features on the site and this helps developers reach a bigger mass. They also include the startups in their newsletter.



Killerstartups is another popular review platform for startups. They have a 125.ooo monthly visitor database and a lot of famous apps like Tinder abd Uber are discovered early in Killerstartups. According to their data, Uber went on to raise its first $1.6MM 3 months after Killerstartups featured them!
You can submit your mobile app by filling out a simple form.


If you have a gaming app, then you are very lucky that Reddit has a huge source of beta users inside the subreddit: GameDev. Under the SSS(Screenshot Saturday) flair, you have a chance to share the screenshots of your app each Saturday. It is a great way to test your app with hundreds and maybe thousands of qualified users.

If your app is not a gaming app, don’t worry. You can use subreddits like Android and iPhone to get reviews for your app.



TestFairy is a mobile beta testing platform that is compatible with both iOS and Android. They are also compatible with a lot of bug tracking systems like Asana, Jira, Trello, and Bugzilla.
After you upload your APK, the platform allows you to export your mail list and send them an invitation to test your app. You can see the results in their dashboard anytime you want.
They are also sensitive about your security and they provide different solutions for your information security.


Even if you have an unreleased beta app or app store pages, UserTesting provides you real users that giving fast feedback to your app. It works on both Android and iOS. You don’t need to integrate SDK to test your app.
You can segment the users who you want to test your app and it helps to reach the best beta users to get the most effective results.
If you are a game developer, UserTesting provides different testing solutions like focus groups, 1:1 interviews, and surveys. You can easily find the answers of your questions like: “Are my icon, screenshots, and descriptions compelling?” and “Do players understand the game with the tutorial?”



Mobtest provides you a report after their testers network tried out your mobile app. They are compatible with both iOS and Android apps. After you give your email for getting an invite as a developer, they welcome you to their private beta.
If you wonder if your app’s design, UX, and functionality is good enough, you can give a try to Mobtest.



Betabound is another beta testing platform that you can choose to test your iOS or Android app. You will determine the requirements like demographics and incentives to convince testers.
It is up to you to determine the timeframe to start and expire the campaign.



It’s an app-based test platform for app developers before launch. It works with both iOS and Android. You can create a page like your app store page that you can include a description, screenshots, and social media accounts. It is free to submit your app to the site but if you want to make your app featured, you need to pay for it.
It is one of the most used beta testing platforms that rewards users for their actions like providing quality feedback on app improvements.
It also recommends your app to your audience to encourage them to test/use your app.
PreApps has another service called App Review Submission. Within this service, they make you get featured on more than 150 app review sites.

Beta Family


It is another beta testing platform for iOS and Android apps. As of today, they have 35.500 testers from 207 nationalities.
Beta Family gives you an opportunity to target your audience according to their demographics and their devices.
You create a test with Beta Family’s easy test builder and if you want you can export your own tester database. After creating the test, determine the reward you want to give in return. If you don’t want to give reward, it’s ok. You can still create a test inside the platform.
There are 3 packages you can choose to use the platform. Pick the best one for you and start reaching your audience to test your app.

Bonus: Boost/Burst Campaigns

If you have a budget for your testing strategy, you can consider burst campaigns to reach real users. It is an app marketing technique that helps you to reach specific category/overall ranking by driving a large volume of installs in a short period of time, eventually attract organic users thanks to higher visibility in the category and overall charts.
Burst campaigns help you acquire new users who are willing to give feedback about your app. You can also watch them by tracking in-app events to learn where they left your app or what is their session duration. You can take in-app actions to improve your app’s quality by analyzing those valuable feedbacks.
If you want to learn more about boost/burst campaigns, here is a detailed article for you.


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