7 Ways To Test Your App For App Store Success

Launching your app on app store is a defining moment for its success. After investing so many resources into creating it you need to be 100% sure that it will reach the top line of the most wanted apps. But how is that possible?

Importance Of User First Design

From the moment you create the project until you upload the app on Google Play or Apple App Store you must have your user in mind. How he will interact with the app is the center of the entire development process. Losing that from your sight means that you create the app just for you. This is definitely a sign of failure for your entire strategy. Just look at the effect of designing an intuitive interface for your app.

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7 Ways To Test Your App For App Store Success

There are many solutions to predict the evolution of your app on the market and you need to try them all to remove any doubt that the app is going to remain in the queue after hundreds of apps.

1. Internal Feedback

Are you at your office right now? If “Yes” look around you in this moment. All the people in your company are great sources for the first impression related to your app.
Convince your own team first.
First of all, what your team members have to say about your work? Are they satisfied with the result? Any detail counts and everyone’s verdict will weight a lot for the end conclusion.
Every team member wants product to succeed so they give quality feedback.
Being your colleagues you can be sure that their feedback will be given for the growth of your app and not just for bragging your creation. Listen to them first and try to observe their reactions.

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2. External Feedback

After the app was approved by your team you need to get outside the box and to ask for more opinions.
You need fresh eyes.
This is a common syndrome for every development team to stop being objective about the app they created.  Don’t be afraid, there is a cure for that. You need to go outside your working environment and ask other future users to express their point of view about the app.
Who is it built for?
Try to find persons with similar characteristics like your buyer persona. If you built a medical app, gather some information from a few doctors. For a fitness app ask some athletes. And the list can go on but you got the point.
Invite family, friends etc.
Remember that the app won’t be downloaded only by experts in the field. Search for conclusions coming from different angles. Asking everybody you know will offer you a large area of ideas on how your app will function for every possible user.
Record every action.
When others are using your app observe their behavior. It is possible they use the app different from the way you created it. If you understand their actions you will see whether your app needs improvements or not.
Check UX
Every app has two parts, coding and design. Pay as much attention to the aspect of the app as you invested in coding all the features for impressing your users. Be careful with onboarding flow and decide which features are really useless and which ones are going to help the customer.

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3. Social Media Communities

Social networks are a great place to test the waters for your app. The condition is to filter the answers because you will receive valid solutions along with answers which have nothing to do with your app. On the other hand it is better to gather all the comments on social channels than in your app store page.

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4. Soft Launch

Soft Launch is a useful technique to discover the flaws of your app on a smaller area before your full release. There are many risks in stake like losing time, competitive advantage and target market. But the idea of catching a major error before releasing for the entire audience can convince you that it might be the proper strategy for you.

5. Test Your Creatives

You have to decide for every visual piece which is the best option for presenting your app because they tell its story and they must be as expressible as possible.

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ASO Creatives

Since potential users have available only few seconds to decide whether they will install your app or not, all the elements on app store page must convince them in that short amount of time. You can use A/B testing feature available on developer console in Google Play, though with limited options. You have to publish your app before testing it, you are able to verify just one component at a time and you will have to decide the strategy after receiving general answers not detailed reports. It is still better since Apple doesn’t provide a similar solution.

A/B tests for Ad creatives

A/B tests for ad creatives are a necessity to achieve users with high lifetime value at a lower acquisition cost as we talked in the previous article. After setting the test you can observe which items drive traffic for an effective ad campaign. We presented 5 tools that can help you with A/B testing. Generally, app icon and screenshots are the main elements that tell the difference between a professional app and a mediocre one.

6. Paid Beta Users

After checking feedbacks from your coworkers and every person you know with a smartphone it is time to use the heavy weapons. Beta users will give you all the insights you need for deciding if the app is suitable for the big launch. A random question in your mind right now would be: “Where do I find beta testers?” Well, we have that covered already with our article, 10 Places To Find Beta Users To Test Your App.

Image Source: http://thinkapps.com/blog/development/beta-testing-how-to-guide/

7. Boost Campaigns

After all this effort, how can you be sure that your entire strategy worked? The answer is boost campaigns. With this marketing technique you have the chance to attract real users which will share their feedback for helping you to reach your goal. Moreover, in a short period of time you can see your app in top of its category and you know that users bring more users. Increasing your visibility will attract more organic customers.

Final Thoughts

This is our list with options for testing your app before you publish it for your entire audience. Considering that the competition is very tough, you aren’t allowed to release an app in the wild without testing it first. Every result matters and all the feedbacks must arrive to you first before being displayed on the app store. If you think about it, the final evaluation is a more important stage than development itself.

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