Why App Samurai?

Only pay for installs, not clicks

You don’t waste your time and money with ineffective ad networks, media agencies, and social media platforms. Create your mobile ad campaigns within seconds and avoid fraudulent traffic and unqualified users.

Spend your money and time wisely

In App Samurai, you don’t pay for sign up. We don’t charge our users unless they create their mobile campaigns. You only pay as you get installs (not clicks). You also don’t pay for tracking your app’s app store performance!

Get rid of the complexity of mobile advertising

We make mobile ad planning, execution, and analysis as easy as it gets. With App Samurai, you avoid the complexity of app store intelligence, attribution analytics, and execution without having in-depth mobile marketing knowledge.

Get smart recommendations for your app

App Samurai engine provides you unique recommendations about your ad campaigns to make them optimized for better results and higher installs. This helps you to spend your money and time both effectively and wisely.

Not Sure Yet?

If you are not sure yet to start increasing your app’s downloads with App Samurai, here are some options to answer your questions.

Here is a better option for you! Create your account in seconds and see App Samurai in action to see what is in it for you.