Mopapp is situated in London and was established by Alessandro Rizzoli and Federico Sita in 2010. They have been fruitful in securing seed subsidizing, with speculation buys made in 2010 and 2011. The management Mopapp gives is through a capable analytics device which offers download and income diagrams for a particular date range alongside pie graphs to separate how your application is getting along by nation, platform, stores, and advertising pennants.


The key elements of Mopapp are: You can connect numerous store accounts like iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace, Amazon, Nook, GetJar and others. Their investigation dashboard permits you to effectively spot which application is offering more – this incorporates the data of which store the application is in and the stage too.AdMobi, iAd, InMobi or Smaato users can track their profit inside Mopapp, making the analytics tool useful for general effectiveness.