TheTool is a new, different and performance-based ASO (App Store Optimization) tool that helps startups, brands, agencies and app / game developers increase organic installs volume through app store search (keywords) and top charts rankings, decrease user acquisition costs and grow business.


Track in a single dashboard everything related to your app marketing strategy: keyword rankings, top charts rankings, organic and non-organic installs, ratings, conversion rate and revenue. TheTool integrates with 3rd party data providers (attribution partners, ad networks, developer consoles, etc.) and offers advanced tools for keyword research.


Now you can view the impact of thyour ASO strategy on both Apple App Store & Google Play Store in a very easy way, maximize your app’s visibility and grow business. Furthermore, TheTool allows you to measure “Organic Uplift” metric (number of organic installs generated by 1 non-organic install).


Launched recently and based in Barcelona (Spain), TheTool technology has been developed by SEO & ASO experts with more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and product growth.


Sign up for free and try Startup, Growth or Ninja plans with a free 7-day trial.



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