Voila! Here are the winners! -

Here Are The Winners of Our Weekend Campaign!


Here we are again to announce you the winners of our awesome free ad credit campaign for App Developers!
As all you now, we started a great weekend campaign for app developers and startups 3 days ago. We want to thank you to all 352 attendants to share our thrill in this amazing journey by joining the campaign.

How Did We Choose the Winners?

As you know, we care transparency in our campaigns so let’s clarify our evaluation process and explain you the path to winners.

  1. First, we eliminated the attendees who don’t meet our rules of participation.
  2. We created a in-house committee to evaluate the apps.
  3. We divided the remaining apps into 10 categories for each of our committee member.
  4. Our committee members evaluated the apps according to specified criteria and give apps points according to our point scoring system.
  5. After this first round, we picked the best 10 apps and ask our committee for give points to apps according to the same point scoring system. At the end of this evaluation process, we had the winners!

And here are the winners!

Please welcome the winners of our weekend campaign! Congratulations and many thanks to all of you! Welcome to App Samurai, we look forward to being a witness to your path to success.

Now, in order to start creating your ad campaign with your free credit, sign in to your App Samurai account and follow the steps. We’ll reload your credits to your account!
Again and again…
A lot of thanks to all the attendees and of course to the ones who help us to share this amazing first experience!

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