10 of the Best Mobile App Marketing Techniques


The idea and execution of your app can be amazing, but if you don’t convey it to the users and convince them to download and use the app, does it matter how good the idea was? 

So, the success of your apps depends on the effectiveness of mobile app marketing techniques you use. How to market a mobile app effectively, you ask? Let’s start listing!

Before we talk in detail about how to use them, here’s the list of mobile app marketing techniques we recommend using:

  • Know your audience
  • Check out your competitors
  • Plan ahead
  • Optimize your app store page
  • Use social media & influencers
  • Focus on KPI’s & Track results
  • Create landing pages
  • Start a blog & Guest blogging
  • Apply for awards
  • Build a community

Know & Target Your Audience

An effective mobile app marketing technique is one that targets a specific target of users and this can be accomplished through the use of the STP model. This is a three-step approach to building a specific marketing plan: The “S” stands for segmentation, the “T” stands for targeting, and the “P” stands for positioning. Going through this process enables marketers and business owners to formulate a marketing strategy that links company, brand and product benefits to specific segments of the customer market.

Do you know how people tend to use mobile applications in the market in which your company operates? That’s a crucial question, because it can reveal a lot about the types of actions that will be necessary to get results.

Accourding to a research, one of the most common reasons people uninstall an app is because they find a better app. Upon learning that, your attention in relation to the type of value you have to constantly generate to maintain user engagement increases, right?

Check Out Your Competitors

You should also look at what your competitors have done and see what has worked and -perhaps more importantly- what has not worked for them. Also you should track their store performance with some tools.

Check here: How to Spy on Competitor Mobile Apps

Nothing will hurt your app marketing strategy more than being seen as a knockoff or being “late for the party” with something similar.

In the same way, if you are planning an application and you see that one of your competitors has already tried to market it in a particular way and has failed, why would you want to do that same failure yourself?

Plan Ahead

As all the actions of your company must be aimed at providing value to your customers, the creation of an app cannot be different.

Even before you set out to create an application, you must carefully plan the business objectives that this channel will help you meet. Any good mobile app marketing strategy, or any good strategy actually, depends on the planning stage. Tha planning stage determines the success of your strategy on how to market a mobile app.

It is not about creating an app to follow the trends! The development of an app must be part of a strategic plan that provides income to your project.

Therefore, if you are not achieving the results you expected, you may need to review your app marketing strategy to identify structural action points that drive your application and generate a good return on investment.

Optimize Your App Store Page

When you check “how to market a mobile app” ASO is always one of the most common suggestions. ASO, also known as SEO for Apps, refers to optimization for searches done in app stores.

The ASO also considers a number of factors that are under your control, but also some that are not, as well as the so-called On and Off Page elements of conventional SEO.

For example, while the Google Play Store gives you up to 4,000 characters to describe your app and convince the public, the Apple App Store works through a keyword system.

When you check the paremeters deciding the positioning of applications in the Apple and Google stores, those responsible for the two main operational systems of mobile devices today, many things are distinguished.

Understanding that kind of difference is vital for your app to rank well in the searches of those two stores.

LEARN MORE -> https://appsamurai.com/the-beginners-guide-for-app-store-optimization/ 

In the end, according to the same report mentioned above, 1 in 4 users download an app based on searches made in stores.

Use Social Media & Influencers

Nowadays, who doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter installed on their smartphone? 91% of smartphone users have a social network installed on their phone.

We are currently living in a world where social media platforms play a very important role in spreading news or promoting different products and services. And the influencers are the ones who govern platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. As the name implies, influencers are people who use the power of their social media profiles to influence the user base that follows them.

Brands bet to collaborate with the main influencers of their industry as a means of marketing, this is known as influencer marketing. This marketing strategy has yet to reach its peak, so it will be interesting to see how influencers will contribute to the marketing of a company’s product/service to its target audience. 

And since the world is struggling with coronavirus and stay home as much as possible, online marketing gains its popularity day by day, influencer marketing is one of marketing types on the rise. With this increasing popularity, you have a chance to reach new markets that you haven’t been able to reach before.  

Focus On KPI’s & Track Results

The Key Performance Indicators or key performance indicators are metrics on various actions and areas, to identify the effectiveness of a strategy or action in Digital Marketing.

It is very common to see that professionals think that any metric is a KPI. And the reality is that it is not. The KPIs are relevant indicators for your business and your goals.

There are different types of KPIs, according to their level of importance. For example:

Primary: CPM, LTV, CAC, conversion rate, total income, traffic, among others.

Secondary: cost of each lead in the different stages of the sales funnel, subscribers to a blog, recurring visitors, cost per visitor and subscribers of a newsletter.

Practical for your website: bounce rate, pageviews, Pagerank, most searched keywords, most read content and more.

Of course primary and secondary labels are just for suggestions, these KPI’s’ importance change accourding to your business, sector and so much more. When developing a plan on how to market a mobile app, you have to decide which of them you need to track and improve. 

Create Landing Pages

If you want to promote your mobile app well, it is essential that you have a good landing page that reveals its advantages and features. With it, you will gain positioning and users will reach your app from this new channel. Three adjectives have to define your landing page: Quality, attractive, and effective.

If you already have this clear focus, and for this landing page to work, these are, broadly speaking, some of the characteristics that every landing should have:

  • Put a good title: Because it will be the first thing they read, and it depends on whether they stay or leave.
  • Call to action: A clear, simple call to action that encourages the user to click to learn more. And don’t forget an action button that increases the conversion rate. If you don’t tell the users what you want them to do, how effective your mobile app marketing techniques can be?
  • Attractive image: The first impression is what counts, so the clearer and more seductive the image they see when they land, the more chances they will want to get to know your app a little better.
  • Description of the app: That it tells what is meant, neither more nor less. Use the keywords that are also in your app, briefly explain what it is and make users want to use this app on their mobile phones. This is the part you tell the users why and how to use your app when marketing your mobile app, make sure you do this effectively!
  • And don’t forget the analytics: You can’t see it, but it has to be there. You have to measure the behavior of all the people who land on your page!

Start A Blog & Guest Blogging

Having a blog is a great opportunity to create traffic for your app page & website. You can start an attractive blog for your audience and increase your app installs. With guest blogging you can reach your audience in other places than your organic reach and promote your app! 

Apply For Awards

Applying for app awards help you gain social awareness and authority in your network. This mobile app marketing technique brings you ton of press, publicity, review and downloads. And it’s free! Marketing your mobile app depends on creating the perfect app for your target market and reaching that target market in effective ways, and awards are one of the best methods to do so. 

Build A Community

Since a third of people who use mobile applications abandon them due to loss of interest, you can frequently create exclusive and stimulating content for your community.

When marketing your mobile app, your success depends on how well you take care of your market. Take advantage of the fact that 24% of users expect an app to provide them with exclusive content. Make your app a communication channel.

Listening to your users’ comments about your application is an excellent way to let them know that you are constantly working to improve their experience based on their feedback.

If they have problems, it is your duty to offer excellent customer service to meet their requirements and offer solutions on time. Nothing is more dangerous for user retention than ignoring their needs!

Final Thoughts About Mobile App Marketing Techniques

Mobile app marketing techniques are not as hard as you thought, right? The most important things you can do is try to have a clear path for your app, as much as you can like defining your app’s value proposition and the target market, prioritize the needs of your target market and always track and improve! And there are tons of ways you can do to promote your app. 

Learning how to market a mobile app depends on your ability to understand and adopt. So start optimizing your strategies and make your site adapt to the new needs of the market. You can also check the 20 creative ways to promote your app for free!


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