How to Spy on Competitor Mobile Apps 🕵️

Competition is harsh but it motivates us to evolve. We always tell you to keep your eyes on your competitors. But we never mentioned how to find a competitor and how to spy on competitor keywords. So, how can you know where they are and where to look for them? Is there any keyword spyware you can use? Don’t worry because you are about to find out.

Why You Need To Be Sneaky

You probably think that you have better things to do than to spy on your competitors. We will give you some reasons why you should keep track of their actions:

  • you will know their current position;
  • you can predict their next move;
  • you avoid to create a strategy based on assumptions;
  • you can rely on real data;
  • you will be one step ahead of them;
  • you will save time and money.

What To Track For Spying On Competitors

It is important to know where to go when you want to discover your competitors’ plans. So grab your magnifier and let’s look in every corner of the mobile world for clues that will reveal their strategies. After you determine their actions it is essential to improve your business according to the results obtained. Oh, and it goes without saying that you should avoid by any means to annoy or to upset your rivals.

App Store Performance

Start with the app store page. Every element on this page will make the difference between you and your competitors in visitors’ eyes when you will have to convince them to download your app. Don’t forget how important tracking competitor keywords and the number of installs are.

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Here are some platforms that will help you find out how to find a competitor.

  • APPANNIE – this is the go-to platform whenever you need information about the evolution of other apps on the app market.
  • APPTRACE – it shares insights from your competitors’ app store pages.
  • APPSAMURAIwith a little help from our partners, Tune and AppLift, we help you to put your app above your competitors’.

  • APPFIGURES – another reliable tool when it comes to discovering your competitors’ ratings.
  • SENSORTOWER it offers useful features to spy on competitor keywords.

Ad Performance

In some cases when you want to create a successful ad strategy you need to look over the fence and to understand the techniques used by other app owners. This doesn’t mean to copy from them. It is about observing in what way their ads will influence your campaign if you want to build one. In the same time, you can understand what methods can be applied to your app.

Here are some platforms with which you can find competitor ads.

  • ADBEAT – it offers important information about other ad strategies but you need to pay for it.
  • WHATRUNSWHERE – a good way to create a list of your competitors and to be announced when one of them is launching an ad campaign.
  • ADPLEXITY – this is the place where you can find inspiration for your promotional content.
  • ADSXPOSED – it helps you to observe the best strategies before spending your money on a plan that won’t work.

Presence On Web

Mobile web is a huge domain and this is the reason why we divided it into several categories. This solution will allow you to focus on what is more important for your business.

General Look

If you want to observe the latest trends when it comes to build your mobile site and how to create an attractive landing page for your app you will be happy to know that there are a few tools which can help you with this process.

  • ONTOLO – great whenever you want to make your content better than everything users can find on the web.
  • SPYFU – very easy to use and it offers an efficient way to check on your competitors.
  • BUZZSUMO – you should use this platform every time you need to discover which topic performs best.
  • ALEXA – one of the most popular websites where you can check rankings of your competitors’ websites, especially the international ones.

Website Performance

In order to combine mobile web with in-app efforts it is essential to keep your eye on the websites and blogs created with the purpose to promote other apps from the same category. If you already used some of these tools for your site, you can test to see the results revealed for your competitors.

  • WEBSITE GRADER – you will find what you need to do for improving your website.
  • WOORANK – this is a great tool to track competitors website traffics and their keywords.

Competitive Analysis

Don’t forget to check the reports if you want to understand the evolution of your competitors.

  • INFINIGRAPH – a platform where you can find relevant insights and you can observe how to apply them for your business.


You should also keep your eyes on backlinks for a complete strategy.

  • HUBSPOT – useful tool for keeping track of your competitors’ performances.
  • LINK PROSPECTOR – it is enough to search the wanted phrase and you will find a list of domains focused on different categories of content.
  • MOZ – it is an extensive SEO tool with the option of free trial, you can research backlinks and find link building opportunities.
  • MAJESTIC – this tool ables you to see how many links there are to a given domain founded in past, it also has many other features.

Social Media Accounts

Social media networks are very important but at the same time, it is almost impossible to keep track of your competitors’ actions without a proper tool that will do the work for you. This way you can create the sensation that you are everywhere.

  • SOCIALMENTION – free tool which can help you to discover every channel where the companies you compete with where mentioned.
  • TOPSY – if you want to focus only on Twitter and to understand which tweets impresses users then this is what you need.
  • RIVAL IQ – useful for observing the type of content shared by your competitors.
  • SIMPLY MEASURED – it offers very detailed reports for the main social channels and they can be used to check other app owners’ results.

Final Thoughts

Enough with the espionage! You can use the tools mentioned above or you can do this underground work by yourself. Anyway, it is important to observe your competitors’ data while you take care of your business. Those reports will tell you if you are on the right track or you need to choose other direction. Just remember to play fair and to use legal techniques when you fight your competitors!

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