Mobile Gaming Trends 2021 -

Mobile Gaming Trends 2021

The pandemic’s coming brought many changes; the game industry’s growth in the global market has led to an increase in the number of players. The broadcasting market has attracted attention with the development of the audience following the players.

⁃ Mobile Game Industry Statistics 

The trends have changed a lot by 2020, and they seem to be continuing in 2021. 2020 has been a year of significant progress in terms of mobile app marketing. With the effect of the pandemic, there is a larger audience interested in games. The arrival of new users has led to growth in the Global Gaming market. It reached a market value of 174.9 billion dollars with an increase of 19.6%. And change will continue until 2023, with a market value of $ 217.9 billion. The share of the mobile gaming industry is $ 86.3 billion. It has affected the gaming industry as well as the growth of streaming services. It brought change and development, creating a need for new advertising routes and marketing plans for apps. The pioneers in the Android game market have been multiplayer games that we can socialize.

⁃ The IDFA Challenge

Apple’s changes to IDFA worry game developers. The process of developing their marketing strategies with the information that companies obtained from their users was interrupted by Apple’s prohibitions. This data, which is very important for reaching new users, has been changed with new updates.

It was easier to get results from users who were served personal advertisements with the help of IDFA. When the changes are made, there will not be a definite route for the intended purposes in marketing efforts. Uncertainty in acquiring users and target audiences of companies will affect the budget they allocate for IOS application marketing. And this will increase the use of Android and other channels.

⁃ Social Features Will Continue to Rise

As the pandemic restricted people’s conversations, the talks moved online. With our increasing need for socialization due to Covid, multiplayer games became the meeting point. The rapid spread of multiplayer games among friends groups immediately increased the number of users. Having such a lot of attention has led to new types of games, innovative games with video conversations in the game that came to the market. One of them, Bunch, increased the number of users 50 times and received an investment of 20 million dollars. Innovations in this direction will continue in 2021, and social games combined with other experiences will appear before users.

⁃ Gamers Are Also the Watchers

The growth of the game market and the increase of the players created a large audience. Most 18-25-year-olds watch digital sports instead of conventional sports. In addition to these, 71% of the millennium players watched games on online broadcasting platforms. It can be said that the epidemic has a large share in this increase. Traditional sports were interrupted during the pandemic due to face-to-face practice, and it became an opportunity for broadcasters.

⁃ Smart Playable Ads

Does moving the gaming experience to ads meet the expectations of users? The budget spent on advertising increases with each passing year. The advertising budget in 2019 is only 30% of 2020. Interactive ads allow users to learn about the game before downloading it; 46% of the manufacturers see this innovation as essential for generating value. The benefits of interactive ads are apparent. In 2021, this trend will become more common to reach more users.Learn more bout playable ads with App Samurai’s Advertiser Platform.

The coming of the pandemic brought many changes; the game industry’s growth in the global market has led to an increase in the number of players. The broadcasting market has attracted attention with the development of the audience following the players. New kinds of games emerged with the changing needs of people. And the emergence of so much data has led to changes in user security. Thus, the changed data resulted in instability in IOS application marketing. With the continuation of the pandemic, shifts in the game market will continue without slowing down. Stay tuned and check our blog page for exciting developments.


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