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    How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign on OEMs?


    The biggest question in app marketers’ and publishers’ minds is “how to advertise an app.” Among the app marketing campaigns, the most effective and successful is working with an OEM provider. On-device media inventory providers such as App Samurai offer you an effective user acquisition strategy. Do you wonder how to run a successful marketing campaign with OEMs?
    Let’s examine this together.

    Launch on Multiple Channels in the Android Market

    A successful acquisition strategy depends on diversification. In addition to social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, it is necessary to participate in mobile advertising SDK networks and display advertising platforms such as Google Display Network. Learn how to advertise an app through OEMs and on-device media inventory partnerships such as App Samurai.

    Each channel we mentioned above allows you to access a specific user segment. By running all of these app marketing campaigns together, you broadcast to the largest network you can reach. Analyze the performance of each marketing channel with the KPIs you set. You can evaluate which ad sources offer high-scale but low-engagement users for your Android app and which ones provide low-scale but high-engagement users.

    Test Alternatives and Measure Their Success

    Test the effectiveness of your creatives. You should always measure the KPIs you set at the beginning of your ad campaign. You cannot manage what you do not count. Focus primarily on KPIs such as CTR, CVR, IPM. Launch multiple ad campaigns at once and analyze which one is giving the best performance. So, separate the ads that provide poor-performing results. Then continue to make fine adjustments.

    Because ad placements are part of the device lifecycle, fine-tuning creatives become much easier with OEM providers such as App Samurai.

    Localize Your Campaign

    Localization is a powerful tool for running a successful marketing campaign, and although it’s often overlooked, it’s important to remember. Android covers the whole world market. It serves high-end advanced devices more common in first-world countries, and low-end devices are seen in second or third-world countries. Marketers and publishers should also make sure that their creatives localize the language and design for each country’s level. In localization, the language should be translated, but different cultures should be approached with other methods.

    User Acquisition with App Samurai’s OEMs

    Having an effective user acquisition strategy will help your app grow in a meaningful way by optimizing it. You can reach new and relevant audiences by diversifying your user acquisition channels. By analyzing user acquisition channels, channels that do not perform well should be directed to better performance channels. You can measure channels that are not performing well by examining your user acquisition data.

    Focusing on acquiring high-value users on an affordable budget allows you to create a strong user acquisition strategy. With its media inventory feature on the device, App Samurai will enable you to reach 67% of mobile app users that you cannot reach. With App Samurai‘s On-Device Ad Placements, you can quickly increase your brand awareness among your competitors and customers by getting a place on new devices. You can also contact the OEM provider App Samurai to get more details for your app.

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