How To Increase Your Mobile App Engagement & Conversion Rate In 2021 -

How To Increase Your Mobile App Engagement & Conversion Rate In 2021


While 2021 is coming slowly, the mobile app industry continues to evolve and change. The following questions in many publishers and marketers’ minds have not changed; how to increase mobile app engagement? How to improve the mobile app conversion rate? With this article, we will try to resolve these questions in your mind. First of all, there are many metrics that you can use to increase your mobile app engagement and conversion rate. These measurements are useful; they are data that can bring beneficial results to your mobile apps if analyzed correctly. We can say that these metrics are the key to reaching users in the mobile world. Using these key and useful SDKs and tools to increase your mobile app’s overall performance, you can achieve too high performance. Let’s start with definitions of the important metrics.

The App Engagement & User Retention

App Engagement; when we think of it as a mobile app, it’s a set of metrics that track how many users interact with your mobile app. It can give you detailed information on how many people use your app, depending on its functionality and user types. It also shows how active users are in the mobile app. App Retention can be described as the opposite of abandoning the app. App Retention looks at the number of users who continue to use an app for a certain period after its first use. The retention rate shows the performance of apps in terms of long-term app sustainability. To learn more about App Engagement, check out our related blog post.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to the total percentage of users who complete a user-requested action in a mobile app, for example, in the mobile app industry. When calculating conversion rates, the total number of users converting for a transaction is calculated by summing the percentage after dividing by the targeted audience’s full size. This metric is a benchmark for the improvement of mobile app ads. Also, you can review our 8 Ways to Increase Your App’s Conversion Rate named blog.


In the mobile app context, lifetime Value (LTV) estimates the total revenue that a particular user will receive before they decide to stop using your mobile app. With this metric, you can calculate the performance of your user acquisition activities. For more information about LTV visit our ‘’Increasing Customer’s LTV in Mobile: How Should App Marketers Do It?’’ named blog post.

Useful SDKs and Tools To Increase Your Mobile App’s Overall Performance

You can also increase the overall performance of your mobile app with the following tools we will recommend to you:

App Engagement & Retention; 

Storyly is the only user engagement platform that brings stories to your mobile app. You can integrate it into your mobile app, create interactive stories specific to your users, and efficiently track the results of all these. This platform, which specializes in App Engagement & Retention, will also help you increase your app engagement and conversion rate. The Storyly starter pack is free up to 25K monthly active users.

App Analytics; 

Firebase was founded in 2011 and is one of the essential SDKs in this field. It will be advantageous for you when it comes to app analysis. The Firebase starter pack is free. 

Flurry is another necessary SDK in this area. Offering free and robust mobile app analysis support, launched in 2008, Flurry Analytics provides not only a free but also a professional service.


OneSignal; is the market leader in customer engagement, powering mobile + web push, email, and in-app messages. Notifications are incredibly useful in increasing mobile app engagement and mobile app conversion rate. The starter pack is free.

Development; play a considerable role in increasing mobile app engagement and mobile app conversion rate.

Swift; is free and open-source. It is a fast and efficient language that provides real-time feedback. Developers can write safer, more reliable code, save time, and create even richer app experiences.

Cordova; wraps your HTML / JavaScript app in a native container that can access various platforms’ device functions. These functions are offered through a unified JavaScript API that permits you to write down a code set to focus on nearly any phone or tablet on the market today and publish to app stores.


AppLozic; provides a comprehensive set of Chat SDKs and easy-to-use APIs so as that you’re going to build and iterate quickly. Running on the cloud, the infrastructure is usually available, continuously upgraded, and auto-scales to satisfy your needs for growing businesses who want to increase customer engagement Growth Plan packet $149.

Zendesk; Live chat and messaging create a personal reference to customers trying to find support. It’s a fast and effective thanks to offering help—without interrupting their experience. The Lite packet is free.

Interkom; is the another SPK in this field. This company, which has more than 30,000 customers and has developed itself in the communication part, will increase your mobile app engagement and conversion rate. The starter pack is $39.

Also, you can reach our e-book related to this topic.


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