How To Generate Leads With Your Mobile App


We continue our series of articles that help startups grow because we’ve reached an era when company owners don’t ask anymore “Do I need an app for my business?”. They know that the answer is always “Yes”. Nowadays the question is “What should I do for attracting more customers with my app?” And luckily we can respond to that question.

How To Generate Leads With Your Mobile App

There are many things for you to do in order to make sure that you own a successful lead – generating app. Here are some of the most efficient ones.

Be Friendly

Not all apps are built for entertaining users. Many of them, just like yours, are created for a more pragmatic purpose: to make a service more popular and to reach a wider audience. So you need to design it with this goal in mind. Allow customers to use your tools with a simple tap and make sure that they are satisfied by your product. In the same time be careful with the newcomers. Don’t ask too much information, too early. After you are sure that they came to stay you can gradually complete their profiles. Another great practice in this case is to make sure that your support team can be reached anytime. If users will feel lost and abandoned they will leave your app as soon as possible. There are tens or hundreds just like you, so you need to provide the best possible service in order to keep them engaged.


You need to implement certain elements that will attract customers. Some offers specially created for those who subscribe or other virtual prizes will generate leads because nothing is more convincing than some valuable rewards. You can use email marketing or push notifications and in – app messages for letting users know about these opportunities. It goes without saying that you should be available on social media platforms because FOMO (Fear OF Missing Out) is a syndrome which makes people to check their social accounts over and over and over again. Bear in mind though, that rich and relevant solutions are the key no matter your strategy. Every company has a website, but apps are more efficient for creating a strong relationship with customers than websites. That doesn’t mean to keep them as two separated elements. We always recommend business owners to combine their web and in – app efforts for more effective results. Sometimes users start their searches on their mobile device and continue on their laptop or vice versa. So, don’t forget to match the messages sent for your app with the content posted on the official site.

Expand To Emerging Markets

We are already in 2018 and you know by now that the United States is the most powerful mobile market, but also the most saturated. There are many other countries which can be considered for lead generation apps. Take for example China which became a representative country for all app owners who want to increase their user base. And this is not the only one. Make a research and discover the most suitable areas where you can expand your business. After you decide on that specific zone you have to transform your app to fit your new audience. Start by translating it and continue to change it according to your users’ interests. Not all customers are the same and you need to offer them what they want, remember?

Another option to generate more leads with your app is to use advertising methods and there are a plethora of solutions. From video ads that engage users to social media campaigns focused on every group of customers, or even Search Ads which put your app in front of your competitors’. You just need to discover what works best for you and to find the right format that will make users interested in your product. Don’t forget that a clear Call To Action is mandatory for converting users and for transforming your app in a lead generation weapon. In case you want to select an ad network you need to be careful with what you choose and to keep your business away from fraudulent activities. Don’t let yourself mislead by fake promises because ad fraud is the most dangerous threatening of this decade. You have to be informed and to make sure that your app gets to real users. In fact, Juniper Research reveals that ad fraud will cost advertisers $19 billion this year, a sum which is equal to 9% of total digital ad spend. It is expected that until 2022 this damage will reach $44 billion which is a huge sum!


It is vital to pay attention to your data because you need to be aware about all the sources that generate traffic. You shouldn’t set your campaign and to forget all about it. For the efficient ones you have to find new ways to scale while for the ones which don’t bring you the wanted results you need to recognize that they represent a waste of money and time and to move on. Make the difference between clicks, installs, searches and purchases. Focus on conversions and try to transform installs into paying customers. You also have to act differently for Android and for iOS users. Their behavior isn’t similar, so you need to find a special technique for each operating system, taking into account also the price for acquiring a new user for each platform. Now, you know that you need to optimize periodically your strategy after you check the results obtained.

Final Thoughts

So these are just a few tips that will help you to count new customers very soon. Remember that you need to adapt them according to your service and to keep your eyes on your data during the process. This is the only way you can understand if you are on the right path or not. Take advantage of your mobile app to grow your business!


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