Accelerate Your Utility App with App Discovery (OEM) -

Accelerate Your Utility App with App Discovery (OEM)

App Discovery, also known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), is one of the most effective ways to get your app in front of millions of Android users. App Discovery builds brand recognition, helps you acquire quality users, and achieves sustainable growth. 

How does App Discovery work?

App Discovery has two different models: 

  • The preinstalled model
  • On-device recommendation model

The pre-load model

In the pre-load model, the users receive their brand new smartphone with different apps pre-loaded in the smartphone. This means that your app is one of the first apps users see when they open their new smartphones. Users are more inclined to discover and install new apps at this time than ever, which results in a dramatic rise in the daily install rate. To catch that moment of motivation to install new apps is what app owners desire, and App Discovery provides that by highlighting the app on the user’s screen.

Different smartphone manufacturers have different checklists and the number of slots for apps they pre-load. AppSamurai works with leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, and more to create the most suitable and well-performing strategies. 

A great example would be Tıkla Gelsin, a leading delivery app that reached almost 40.000 new Samsung users in 2 months with AppSamurai’s App Discovery campaigns. Check out more here. 

On-device recommendation model

The on-device recommendation model allows your app to be displayed on a variety of placements in Android devices, such as: 

  • Bottomline ads
  • Minus one screen
  • Browsers 
  • Folder placement

This way, your app is constantly viewed by the users, building strong brand awareness and driving qualified installs. 

Now that we’ve talked about what App Discovery is and how it works, we can move on to the reason why it’s one of the most effective campaigns, especially for utility apps (weather apps, crypto wallet apps, productivity apps: calculator, planner, document creation, etc.)

App Discovery works well with mass audiences, and utility apps have that.

Since App Discovery campaigns are embedded into devices, the larger the audience, the better the results. Unlike other models, such as programmatic campaigns, App Discovery targets users from a broader perspective. This makes utility apps more suitable for App Discovery campaigns, as they are generally helpful for people regardless of age, gender, and even location.

If you are a utility app owner, App Discovery campaigns are the best way to:

  • Reach over 74% of all Android users worldwide
  • Integrate your app into the user experience
  • Get fraud-free placements
  • Acquire real and engaged users
  • Constantly drive installs 

Start your campaign, let your app be smoothly integrated into millions of users’ everyday lives, and enjoy the results!


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