8 Quick Tips To Create Compelling Playable Ads -

8 Quick Tips To Create Compelling Playable Ads


At the beginning of this year we announced that one of the mobile advertising trends that will dominate 2017 will be the adoption of engaging ads such as playable ads. You know those ads that users can play with? The efficiency is provided by the interactive element of the ad. We talked before about playable ads and because it is one of the most popular formats of the moment we thought that some additional tips will be very useful for those who consider this type of ads for their campaign. But before that, we will summarize the main characteristics of playable ads:

  • It offers higher conversion rate, higher lifetime value and higher app monetization because users understand what they download;
  • It removes the annoying feeling of intrusive ads and it reduces the uninstall rate due to the fact that customers engage more with this style;
  • It provides solutions for keeping track of your efforts since there are plenty of tools which can help you to create and manage the wanted ad.


Image Source: https://venturebeat.com/2017/05/31/mobile-advertisers-are-falling-in-love-with-playable-ads/


8 Useful Tips You Should Consider

If you remembered the advantages created by playable ads then a small guide on how to engage users with small snippets of the app would be very convenient for your strategy. Keep in mind that a wrong move can cause you more damages than you can imagine. But it is almost impossible to make a mistake when you know what to do for creating a smart strategy. Let’s go step by step.

1. Allow Users To X – Out

It is mandatory to offer them the exit option from the beginning if they don’t want to play it. Start with a message to make it clear for users that they are invited to try an app. Because playable ads aren’t created just for games, customers can be very busy completing an important task in that certain moment, so a few seconds of distraction would increase the stress level even more. You don’t want to make your potential users feel like they are trapped in a cage, do you?

Image Source: http://www.inmobi.com/blog/2014/11/05/monetization-vs-user-experience-the-winning-combination-with-playable-ads


2. Add Screen Advising To Your Design!

When users have a few seconds to interact with the ad they need to understand quickly how to play it. It goes without saying that the trial has to be as intuitive as possible but some small hints will definitely help them to enjoy the playing even more. Keep in mind though, that you shouldn’t clutter your ad and you have to avoid occupying the entire screen with text. Moreover, if the ad performs better in landscape mode you should let users know that.

Image Source: http://www.matomy.com/blog/the-power-of-playable-ads/


3. Keep It Simple!

If you ask too much, too early, users can get frustrated. If the ad is too demanding, you will obtain the opposite effect. The purpose is to impress customers not to make them feel that they are being tested without having the opportunity to study before. On the other hand, you have to avoid the boring situation when the game is too simple and users lose their focus. It is a fine line between too easy and too difficult. Be careful with this stage.

4. Localize Your Ad!

If users don’t understand what you are saying then you must know that the entire experience is ruined. If the ad is shown in other countries, it is better to make sure that everybody receives the presentation in the best possible manner. Plus, how can you expect users to observe the gameplay when you explain it in a different language. We discussed about the benefits offered by app localization. Those rules are available also for ads.

5. Choose The Best Features Of Your App!

Although it is obvious to select the best part of your app for introducing it to potential users, it is worth mentioning because you need to study your audience first to understand what features will intrigue them most. Find the right balance between showing users the valuable section of your app and overloading the ad with various activities which can confuse customers even more. It is imperative not to forget that this is an ad after all and you have to take advantage of those few seconds when you have your users’ attention.

6. Use Real Game Engines!

In case you want to promote a game then it would be more appropriate to use a platform specially created for this type of apps. With real game engines you will obtain more downloads and higher retention rates because they provide the right experience for users. You will increase the performances of your ad because these tools are designed to improve the effects provided by your game.

Image Source: https://www.gamewheel.com/


7. Make Them Feel Special For Their Success!

Don’t allow them to end their adventure without a suitable notification. Users will appreciate the ad even more if you show a message congratulating them for their effort. This way, customers will be more willing to install the app than the straightforward path Try It -> Download It. Instead you should use Try It -> Enjoy It – > Download It. Giving a personal touch to the ad will make the difference between a simple promotional content and an impressive adventure.

Image Source: https://www.ironsrc.com/news/the-what-how-and-why-of-playable-ads/


8. Encourage Users To Try Your Entire App!

It is better to convince users to download the app in the moment they are happy with it because there are many chances to forget all about it if they postpone this action. This is the moment when they reach the highest level of engagement so you have to take advantage of these results. It is needless to say that your app store page has to be prepared to welcome those engaged players. Without an optimized presentation your ad won’t bring you any results.


You just discovered how to enhance those effects provided by playable ads, revealed at the beginning of this article. Now, it is time for you to play a little with this format. You know the rule, first connect with your users and discover what they like best at your app, then follow our tips one by one and increase your chances to acquire new valuable users.


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