How to Get Benefit From Social Media Influencers for Mobile Apps -

How to Get Benefit From Social Media Influencers for Mobile Apps


If you have a mobile app, then you already tried some of the methods available to promote your app. For different reasons, those channels failed in bringing you the number of users you were hoping for. Don’t worry, there is still hope. We will present you, as usual, another chance for making your work visible to millions of people. We are talking about social media influencers, which is very effective nowadays. The term is self-explanatory. An influencer is somebody that influences other persons to buy or to try a product, in our case, an application. As you suspect, social media influencers are content experts or even developers that convince possible users to try your app through social media networks. In some way, it is another form of Word Of Mouth, but in a more advanced level.

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3 Benefits of Using Social Media Influencers for Mobile Apps

After we agreed with the definition, the next step is to see the effects of getting important people to spread the word about your app.

Story Telling is Very Important in Marketing

Influencers own the power of words. And if they say that an app is awesome, then everybody believes that. Everything is related to experience. When somebody shares with you the same thoughts as yours and it is affected in the same manner by a problem then the next step is to try his solution.

It Increases Credibility

If you open your favorite social page and somebody you follow every day, would say that he used an app, what is your next move? Sure, you will download it to see in what way the person you trust was impressed by that app. This is influencer marketing and it is based on the prestige of popular persons in the industry. Look how SkypeTogheter was promoted by Jack Baran.

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It Helps You to Reach Millions of People

Influencers are so effective for a reason. They proved their knowledge in the field over the years, gathering millions of followers, maybe with their experience or with their creativity. But it is a sure thing that, nobody ask questions when it comes to listen to them. If they recommend your app, then it must be a reason for that. In the next moment all their readers will check the app to see more of what they discovered on social media pages.

5 Places to Find Best Social Media Influencers for Your App

How can you start promoting your app with the help of social media influencers? Check the following places and it is impossible not to find a solution for your strategy.


Buzzsumo is a rich and intuitive platform that gathers influencers from every domain. Moreover, it offers a lot of guides, even a one minute helper, which can show you how it works. For a list of influencer for your app, you don’t even need to have an account. For example, let’s say you have a food app. You enter in the search field food apps. It is even easier with the autocomplete feature. And, here it is, a list with people that can help you increasing the user acquisition rate.

Instagram Search

Instagram Search has the advantage that it offers visual answers to your searches. But you need to invest more than your time when you look for the appropriate hashtags. For influencers shown on this platform, you will have to offer some benefits, in order to convince them to spread the word about your app. If you have your budget prepared for this promotion then you should go on and open your Instagram account.

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Twitter Saved Searches

Twitter Saved Searches is very convenient for those of you who follow this platform from early in the morning until the next day to see if something interesting has happened with your connections. Being such a popular network it becomes very handy to look for influencers who can tweet about your app.

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Clarity is a different platform that offers guidance for better performances. Going back to the budget, maybe you should invest in some paid information which will shorten the path to the best influencer than to waste a lot of time and maybe money to connect with them by yourself. A little help is required when you are dealing with busy people searched by other app owners in need like you.

3 Best Practices of Using Social Media Influencers

There are small chances to fail with this method of advertising your app but you still need to keep in mind some important things in order to receive the best results.

Let Your Influencer to Be Creative in His/Her Own Way

There is a motive for influencers’ name. They influence people, not the other way around. You can’t and you shouldn’t guide them in their work. You must let them put their personal touch into the promotional content. Their impact is visible only when they are showing their unique way of seeing things.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy Before Starting

If you think about it, you need to convince popular persons about the value of your app and after that they can convince their followers through their favorite social platforms. It sounds strange, but this is, in fact influencer marketing. For that you need a well-structured plan, because you can’t reach to some important person and to tell him: “I have this app. Will you talk about it?” Choose your screenshots carefully and try to intrigue him with your creation. The purpose of influencers is to believe in the product they promote. Otherwise, the entire campaign is pointless. If you connect with an influencer, offering him something unique, then there is no reason not to promote your app. An example is from HotelTonight which reached Gregory Tinari’s followers.

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Pick The Best Platform for Sharing

It is not the first time when we recommend you to choose the platform that fits your users’ preferences. What is the point for selecting Twitter, when they are always on Instagram? Again, the secret is to be connected with your users. If you discover what they like, it is easier to bring your app in front of them. In other words, they will decide the best channel for your app to be promoted.

Final Thoughts

It is a sure fact that everybody listens what influencers have to say. And if that topic is about your app, then you are on your way to success. The key is to have an amazing app and to make it visible for important persons in your domain. After your app is mentioned on an influencer’s social page, don’t forget to start your app description on the app store with this amazing accomplishment.


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