Mobile App Success Story: Sling Drift -

Mobile App Success Story: Sling Drift


Most of the humans naturally love the fast life; fast cars, fast lane too. Games are no different. More so, we all want to feel like champions and Sling Drift makes that happen. Sling Drift is one game that allows players to feel like race champions while steering the wheels. The game is set on a long stretch of turning and twisting asphalt and players are only required to help their cars drift around corners. Developed by TastyPill LLC, Sling Drift is a fast action car racing game that requires the player to drift with a vehicle in an endless race track.

You can set a high score by going as fast as you can. The gameplay has nothing more else but various cars available give it replay value. Tap the game’s screen when drift markers brighten up to a slingshot around the corner. You can always repeat the process until you crash out. While players slingshot, they can pick up orange gems as rewards for completing tasks. These orange gems can be used to unlock new cars. A new car within the game goes for about 1250, you can also spend less than that to just pick out a random one. The game offers players 15 several cars to buy. You can earn one by following the developer on Instagram, 7 can be gotten by watching a few videos within the game and 2 can also be gotten as gifts through daily rewards. Within hours of gameplay, smart players could earn enough gems to unlock a random car.

Brilliant Idea

Sling Drift is a game that you can easily play on the go. It is a very simple game, little wonder it can be so addictive.
Sling Drift features about 30 vehicles that are unlockable. The game does not have a lot of ads that can disrupt your gameplay. The developers knew how “In your face” in-apps can get; thus they reduced it to the barest minimum. So, players are not constantly reminded about the need to upgrade to an ad-free version, instead, they get to move voluntarily; because of how much they have enjoyed the game so far.

Sling Drift is available on both iOS and Android stores. The game also has a VIP option, wherein users are required to pay about $8.99 per week. Available in English;  The game’s VIP subscription purchase gives users access to 200% extra gems, 3 legendary cards, and removal of all ads. The game belongs to the action category and has been downloaded quite a number of times by both Android and iOS users.

How Sling Drift Did It

The game offers a thrilling play. The player’s car advances automatically down the race track and even adjusts itself somewhat after coming out of a turn. However, your job is to choose the right moment for entering into the next curve, as well as exiting one. Users are shown how much the car steers through a sling that appears between the player’s car and a knob which appears throughout each turn’s duration. You will find these knobs at every curve, so do not worry. Making three consecutive ‘perfect’ turns will launch a streak, known as ‘Fever mode’ which lasts as long as you keep on performing.

  • While playing, players can get coins when they reach certain checkpoints or when they complete certain tasks. These coins can be used to buy new car models. These cars available vary and are quite beautiful; despite having the same capabilities as different statistics would not bode well for what the game tries to cover.
  • The game has sounds which are a bit simple but fun. While playing, you can hear screeches on the tracks. Crunchy big sounds are also made when players pick up coins. The game has no music, but the fun sounds make up for all of that.
  • There are ads within the game, but these in-app ads can be removed by purchasing the ad-free version.

Business Model

Sling Drift is a brilliant game that derives its popularity from a number of specs that it features. These unique specs include:

Endless Run

People enjoy games that have them running around. This became a huge deal following the success of the “Flappy Bird” game. These kinds of games rely on just a few taps for control and they never stop. These games come in different graphics quality and theme and they are also easy to play. Critiques say the game leveraged on the success of other light control and endless run games.

Nice Theme

TastyPill put in place a very smooth control theme for the Sling Drift game. The game’s theme allows players to enjoy the environment and not just the game alone. Users get to experience the surrounding while trying to find out how to steer the cars and how to avoid getting into potholes; which is super important as the major aspect of the game is controlling the wheel.


Simple Yet Addictive

It is a known fact that simple games can be a bit addictive. People mostly play games to unwind or pass time. They do not want something very tasking or demanding. They just want to have fun. TastyPill understood this and designed Sling Drift to meet this need. Players are only required to steer their virtual cars. A few reviews available on the game’s Android play store even refers to the game as the simplest drifting game to have been released in recent times.

Final Thoughts

Sling Drift is no doubt a fun game. The only hitch with the game is the fact that it lags a bit sometimes, even on high-end devices. These freeze and lags could cause deaths that could have been avoided otherwise; thus causing players to get frustrated time and again.
Apart from this, the game keeps players on their toes as that are are always trying to stay alert so they can figure out when to make a turn so they could engage curves successfully. This process brings an ‘on edge’ feeling which comes with the thrills of being an excellent race driver. This concept is one reason the game will be a success.


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