How To Promote Mobile Racing Games

Competition is very important because it helps us to progress. And one place where competition plays a major role is the app market. All developers try to reach a better spot in the endless list of mobile apps. On the other hand, users also like to compete, especially in racing games. Today we will find some interesting ways to attract this type of gamers.

Business Model

But before enumerating the most efficient methods for promoting mobile racing games, we should find the best way to monetize them. If you check the most popular games on Google Play and Apple App Store you will discover that freemium model is chosen by almost all creators. Users start playing the game for free but they will have to pay for some items. This is a common approach because developers want to convince as many users as possible to try the game and if they enjoy the experience some of the players even spend money on premium features. This doesn’t mean that you can’t present your product as a pay – once a racing game. But before doing so, make sure that your users are willing to buy the game without trying it first. And if you are really brave you can add some in – app purchases but it really depends on your game’s popularity.

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How To Promote Mobile Racing Games

We need to highlight some key points you should take into account when you promote your mobile racing game.


We already mentioned that you need to know your audience really well when you have to choose the right business model for your app. But that isn’t the only situation which requires a solid connection with your users. You need to gather their feedback from the moment you start developing your app. What kind of app do they prefer? Some of them like to spend a lot of time before the race, making sure that their cars are perfect. There is a certain category of players who like to manage a team of drivers and there are some users who just want to compete against others. So, before you start you need to know users’ preferences when it comes to mobile racing games. This will allow you to focus on certain features for a more impressive result. Take for example, CarX Drift Racing, which was created for those who like to drift.

Loyal Mobile Audience

When you pay attention to your users’ requirements you will obtain more than a giant users base. You will convert them into loyal customers. And loyal customers remain connected to your brand which means that they will appreciate when you build sequels for your successful game. The condition is to maintain the high – quality of your product. This is the same strategy implemented by Hill Climb Racing creators who attracted users with their game. It can be played offline and it doesn’t require too much space on users’ device. It goes without saying that Hill Climb Racing 2 was also appreciated by players. Going back to your creation, there is no guarantee that your next game will have the same success but if you convince users to trust your brand there are big chances to obtain the wanted effect. If you want to build a loyal mobile audience, here is a tutorial that will help you during the process.

Cross – Promotion

A very efficient way to convince people that your game’s worth their attention is to cross-promote your creation. There are two options here. If you have similar products, you can create a gallery inside each of them where you can present your other games. In case you have apps from various categories, it is difficult to attract users and to make them download your other creations. Instead, you can present other developers’ games. This doesn’t mean that you will lose your users, because those developers will do the same thing for you. It is difficult to stand out from the crowd unless other app owners recommend your game. As you can see, in the image below there are four different games from the same category. Users will choose their favorite according to their skills and budget. Maybe this is the reason why CSR Racing is “the best – selling drag racing game on Android”. And if you want to find out how to grow your user base with cross-promotion we have some valuable tips for you.

Game Events

We’ve started this article with the idea that people like to compete with each other. But this can’t be possible without challenges. Therefore, you should think about some attractive methods for encouraging users to play against other gamers. It is essential to create various events which engage users and allows them to invite their friends to the app. It is known the fact that gamers respond well when you offer them prizes and incentives. This type of campaigns offers multiple advantages. First of all, people interact more with the app. Secondly, word of mouth is very efficient for the success of your product. Thirdly, there are big chances to increase your income after all these competitions.  For a better understanding of these benefits, read more about the partnership between Nexen Tire, a known tire manufacturer and Asphalt 8 for attracting customers in Europe with in – app events. If you think about it, this is a win – win situation for both parties involved. Not only in terms of revenue but the benefits come also from customers’ engagement.

Final Thoughts

Mobile racing games represent one of the most appreciated genres. There are many aspects you should take into account when you want to reach top charts with your product. It is mandatory to have a well – designed game but, unfortunately, there are more elements required for increasing your user base and for building a community around your brand. Follow our advices listed above and try to match users’ expectations!

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