Mobile App Success Story: Merge Plane -

Mobile App Success Story: Merge Plane


Have you ever thought about being a pilot? Ever wanted to be in charge of your own airplane, a parking apron, and a full airline? The Merge Plan is just what you need.
The app lets users purchase, merge and take charge of their own airplanes, flying them and having fun while earning money. The simulation game is one which puts users in charge of their airspace, letting them have fun while they gain a sense of belonging.

Brilliant Idea

Developed by Gaga games and put up for sale by Shannan Klwx Technology Co., Ltd, Merge Plane is a free simulated app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The game is already rated a whopping 4+ on both stores, with English as its major language.

With a size of about 325.2mb, the game requires iOS version 9.0 or higher, with smooth functionality on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. With a constant upgrade at various intervals, the game which was published on the 30th of March, 2018, has a current version of 1.18.
These constant upgrades come with the following incentives;

  • Previously, users complained about blurry avatar displays in the app’s leaderboard as well as a delay in data display on the leaderboard. The newer versions do not have these problems.
  • There are also a number of updated on features required to make the app more interactive and user-friendly.


How Merge Plane Did It

The game made it a point of duty to always update their app, to integrate whatever users may have requested for while improving the app’s functionality and outlook. The game’s recent updates come with new tournament modes and outlook to keep users entertained and engaged. There is also an opportunity for players to compete with each other, to gain access to a number of in-app rewards.

  • Theme, Layout, and Design: Merge Plane features a fantastic layout and scene design. Little wonder people can not seem to get enough of the app. The app’s design makes the whole game play process feel very surreal and engaging as users get a good feel of what it is like to fly an airplane, even if they do not own one!
  • Varieties: The game features as many as 30 different kinds of airplanes and counting. These airplanes all come with their various specifications and designs. Users even get spoiled for choice as to which spec to go for. The good thing is, there is always something for everyone as the developers have made certain they come up with designs that would cut across people from all works of life. There are also a number of rare planes waiting to be collected and released by players.
  • Idle System: This is one reason players find the game very captivating. The fact that planes can be flown automatically; growing your plane team on idle mode. More so, users can also generate money, even when they are offline, with the opportunity to make their team the biggest one, worldwide, without much stress.


Business Model

With thousands of downloads and installs on both Google and iOS stores, the Merge Plane is one app with a clear-cut business model. There are a number of ads within the game, but the app is most recognized for its vast options for upgrades through in-app purchases. 

Gold Membership

This is the most prominent in-app purchase within the game. For about $7.49, users can be upgraded to gold members with a few incentives as a result of the upgrade. For starters, users are offered a weekly subscription with a three day trial period, freely attached.  After this period, this payment of $7.99 will be implemented. When users make this purchase; the following features will be unlocked;

  • An increase in the speed of your planes, up to the tune of 120%
  • A profit of about 120% on all your planes
  • Addition of two extra spaces on the runway
  • Offline earnings would increase by 130%
  • And a discount of 20% in the cost of the plane shop.

Subscription Notice


  • Immediately the buyer makes payment for the purchase, the payment will be confirmed and charged to iTunes account for confirmation.
  • As an automated process, subscription renews on the app if the user fails to turn off auto-renewal a day before the expiration of the current period
  • A day before the expiration of the current session, users will get charged for a new session, as well as an identification of the renewal cost.
  • Users can also manage their subscriptions through the use of the account settings visible after purchase. Auto-renewal can also be handled through this same process. In fact, it can be fully turned off through this account settings icon.
  • All unused data from the free trial period will be forfeited if offered when the user buys another subscription related to the publication if it is available but with a number of features.

Other in-app purchases within the app include;

  • Fisful of Gems: Users can purchase a number of gems within the app with about $1.49
  • Pile of Gems: The app also features a pile of Gems for users, which goes for about $7.99.
  • Box of Gems: Within the game, a box of Gems can also be purchased for $14.99
  • Trunk of gems: To spice up the game, users can purchase a trunk of gems to give them access to a number of features within the game. This can be gotten for $30.99
  • Cabinet of gems: Gems can be used to pay for features in the game and a cabinet full of them will get you a lot of fun. A cabinet full of gems can be gotten for $79.99
  • Gems for limited offer: For about $3.99, users can have access to gems that can be utilized for a number of options. However, the features holders of this gem can access will be limited, until they acquire more gems.



Everyone loves to feel like a winner and Merge Plane brings that to the table. Its outstanding features are reasons the game practically stands out. There are a dearth of idle games out there and Merge Plane’s developers capitalized on that. The platform’s layout and theme are also airtight as users have continuously testified to how engaging they find the app. Now people can dominate their own airspace while having fun in the process.
Just like the game says, “start your airline empire today!”


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