Mobile App Success Story: How Monument Valley Did It -

Mobile App Success Story: How Monument Valley Did It

A couple of days ago, during our weekly overview we highlighted the launch of Monument Valley 2, the game that keeps the front page of all tech authority sites. Moreover, the app was shown at Apple’s WWDC 2017. As you probably know this app is the sequel of Monument Valley, a phenomenon game launched 3 years ago. And that is the reason why we will talk about Monument Valley and the methods used for transforming a game where users need to unfold impossible mazes, in a solid income source.

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Brilliant Idea

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You can say that all kinds of users, from kids to adults, from amateurs to professional gamers where attracted by Monument Valley. From the first few minutes spent with the game you realize that this is the work of expert mobile designers. And that’s completely true. Ustwo Games, a mobile games studio released Monument Valley for general public on April 3, 2014. They focused their entire resources for Apple App Store first and just after they were sure about its success they created the game also for Android owners and a year later for Windows adepts. The main concept of the game is to give users the possibility to solve different challenges and isometric puzzles for helping Princess Ida to complete here journey. By the way, can you see the similitude between the landscapes created for the game and the region in Utah with the same name? The question is: “How the team converted those works of art into an extraordinary experience?”

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How Monument Valley Did It?

Let’s see how Ustwo Games managed to transform Monument Valley into a monumental game.

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Amazing UX Design

We always say that the code behind an app is just a small piece of the entire process. Of course, it has its importance because building an app without errors is a must for reaching success but after that there are other factors which will influence the audience into choosing your creations instead of your competitors’. Great UX effects and a smart marketing strategy are also essential for driving your app on the right path. And with Monument Valley the graphics and the art that expresses the core of the game did a great job for impressing a huge number of users.

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This is the first app presented in our Mobile App Success Story series where the price is set as a unique fee when users choose to download the app. If you check the blog post published on the official website where Monument Valley’s owners make public all the secret numbers behind the game you will understand that this is also a great way to see the return on your investment when you launch an app.

The Mechanism Behind Mobile Game

There is more to be said about this pricing model chosen by the app’s owners because the game is so beautifully created that its players reached a high level of addiction. If you browse through the comments added for each of the articles published on Monument Valley Development Blog you will see their promises to pay for more levels. This way they received 8 more levels, named Forgotten Shores for extra cost. This is the psychology behind well designed mobile games.

Additionally, other requests prove the logical path followed by Ustwo Games for creating Monument Valley 2.

App Store Optimization

If you were looking for a model to study when you want to create or to redesign your app store page then search no more because Monument Valley is the perfect example of an amazing presentation for potential customers. Let’s detail all the elements that require your attention on app markets and we will prove all we said before with images for a better understanding of the most crucial factors that will convince users to download your app.

  • Short app title. Just the name of the game.

  • An attractive app icon. In this case it expresses the mystery behind the game.

  • Relevant app description. For a better impression it starts with the most important awards received.

  • High quality screenshots that shows the core functionality of the game. Of course the first one reminds users about those important prizes.

  • Customers Reviews. As you can see the ones that are visible offer 5 stars to the game. All players consider it the most beautiful game ever and they ask for more.

So, take a look at the Monument Valley and let yourself inspired when you select your creatives for the app store.

Press Coverage

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Soon after the game was launched and also after the extended series of levels were released all tech sites published articles that gave laurels to the entire development team for the elegant and engaging game. More fame came from the awards received from one of the most important platforms for mobile apps, Apple with prizes like APPLE DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2014 and APPSTORE IPAD GAME OF THE YEAR 2014. In the image bellow you can admire all the titles won by the independent games studio for Monument Valley.

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Bonus Tip: Get Out Of The Ordinary

The entire game is very different from others in its category. Players don’t need to gather coins and they don’t have to worry about the score. Moreover, they can play each level without feeling frustrated or being afraid of failure. They just have to enjoy the entire adventure.

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Now you know how Ustwo Games reached the glory with Monument Valley. The question in all people’s minds is “What strategy they will use with Monument Valley 2?” Well, it remains to be seen. Let’s wait for a while and let’s meet again for a new mobile app success story with Monument Valley 2 when we will have more information. You will be here, right?


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