Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: June 2 – 9

Welcome, you are just in time. We are about to find the newest events that covered the main pages of tech sites. Let’s see how these novelties come to influence our lives.

9 New Key Features Of iOS 11 Announced At Apple’s WWDC 2017

We can’t start without mentioning the most important news of this week. We are talking about one of the most expected conference of the year, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 where a great number of novelties amazed the audience. But we will focus on the release of iOS 11 which will take place this fall and we will highlight the main features expected to make the difference between the new OS and the old one.

Siri has a new voice that sounds more human.

More improvements are added to Siri with voices of a male and a female that sounds like real persons. New translation options will be available if you want to communicate in Chinese, German, French, Spanish or Italian. Moreover, Siri will learn your music preferences and it will serve you the most interesting news.

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Apple now has its own Boomerang.

With Live Photos you can now create real animations. With more enhanced features you will be able to obtain video loops and the best aspect is that they occupy less space.

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Apple Maps is getting better on navigation.

With Apple Maps you will have precise direction whether you are indoor or outdoor. A very useful service is Do Not Disturb While Driving which does what it says. It stops all your notifications until you stop the car. If you still want to use your phone you have to confirm this action. Well, safety first.

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New Control Center has everything in it.

With the redesigned Control Center you can set the activities you like more and you will be able to access them faster. Also, with 3D Touch you will have more options. So, the new iOS 11 will put everything at your fingertips, literally.

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iPad feels more like a Mac now.

Providing drag – and – drop facilities and a native Files app, the new iPad reminds you the way you navigate on Mac. Also App Switcher allows you to go from app to app with just a tap. Showing you an easier way to handle all the services was the main purpose for Apple this year.

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Redesigned App Store.

Apple gave a new face to its App Store for the sake of both developers and users. If you want to check all the new features added we recommend you to read one of our latest articles, What Will Change In Apple App Store With iOS 11 Update which describes them in detail.

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iCloud is keeping your messages now.

If you were looking for a better syncing of your messages the answer is iCloud. This service will also help you to free up the space on your phone. Be careful that if you will delete a message on one device it will be gone forever.

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Apple Pay now allows users to send direct payments through iMessage.

Payment was never easier than it will be with Apple Pay which offers customers the possibility to use iMessage for their transactions and to send money to the same persons that share with them stickers and funny messages.

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Apple’s HomeKit supports multi – room audio with AirPlay 2.

AirPlay 2 will be the tool for multi – room audio and it will be also added to HomeKit. You can sync all your music and to adjust the volume in any room. So, let the music play. Or, better saying AirPlay.

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Ustwo Games Releases Monument Valley 2

The fans of Monument Valley are excited by the new launch of Monument Valley 2 on Apple App Store. And if you read the comments you will understand that it is a really successful release. For example, one of the players says that: “MV1 was awesome…MV2 even more so! “. These words refer to a “flawless game playing with many new twists”. After 3 years since the Monumental Valley puzzled the world with its smart designed levels, some of the members of Ustwo formed Ustwo Games and created a sequel for the first game with 16 levels. In this game, players have to solve more complex architectural challenges along with Ro and her daughter. As its creators describe it, the game is a standalone adventure and users will enjoy the visual and audio effects. If you want to discover more insights of the game you can read the detailed article published by Wired.

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Snapchat Acquired Location – Based Analytics Platform Placed

Snap’s owners continue to focus on the ad platform. This time they bought Placed, a location – based analytics platform for helping advertisers to track their in store visits. According to GeekWire the selling price was higher than $200 million. This acquisition comes to complete the latest feature of Snapchat, Snap to Store created for marketers to measure the results of their efforts. But it seems that they will be used as separate tools. The additional 100 employees will remain located in Seattle with their CEO, David Shim. It looks like the team behind Snapchat has big plans to expand their location in that zone.

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Skype Copying Snapchat Features To Recover Its Mobile Power Back

Microsoft reconsidered the entire design of Skype in an attempt to reach its competitors. The article published in The Verge describes the main 3 sections of the app: Find, Chat and Capture. With Find users can search for restaurants, pictures, messages, etc. Chat provides the discussion interface with emojis and attachment options. But the Capture feature is very similar to the one offered by Snapchat. It allows you to take pictures or to make videos and then you can enhance them with all kinds of stickers or messages. The new tool Highlights also reminds us of Snapchat Stories because you can share a group of photos or videos and to expect that your friends will respond with emoticons. It remains to be seen how the audience will receive this change.

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So, what we discovered today?

  • The most important announcements made by Apple experts at WWDC 2017.
  • Check the sequel of Monument Valley released by Ustwo Games.
  • Snapchat’s owners have great plans with location – based analytics platform called Placed.
  • New design for Skype to win back its mobile audience.

Have a great weekend.

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