How to Promote Navigation Apps

App developers and owners complain a lot about overloaded app stores, especially when promoting our app, as it affects the app’s ranking and visibility. This also happens when we are out in the busy streets that are often jam-packed. 

Due to this reason, a navigation app is necessary for all users, especially for those who are always on the move or travel a lot. As for the app owners and developers, they need to have a practical and efficient promotion strategy for their navigation app so that they can make their way to the top. 

Remember that competition is high in this category, and you will find numerous navigation app that can cause various issues for you. Similarly, it is not that simple to stand over the crowd.

If you are looking for a smooth way to promote Navigation apps, we would like to recommend you this comprehensive as it contains various tips and you to market your creation to your target market and in front of the world. Let’s get started:

Business Model

It is not recommended to proceed further or launch your navigation apps without knowing and analyzing your competitors. You need to observe their marketing strategies so that you can create a better one for your app. 

Let’s take a look at users living in the USA and how they use these apps. First, we analyzed iOs navigation apps, and we noticed that the store’s free section contains the most popular apps. The top-grossing navigation apps on the Apple App Store were in-app purchases and a few in paid mobile apps. 

The same thing was observed in the Google Play Store and for Android smartphones. Like us, you also will be surprised to know that on Apple App Store, Google Maps was trending on the top spot but on Google Play Store, this app is not in the highest position in fact, not in the top five.

Best Ways To Promote Navigation Apps

Now, it is time to discuss some of the crucial factors which will make your mobile application a reliable partner for your target users.

Keep it Friendly but Innovative.

This is obvious and more of common sense, and it is the most vital element for any app regardless of its type. Your navigation app must help people to reach their desired destination or assist them in reaching from one place to another safely and as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, if your app is complicated or hard to navigate or if users are unable to understand how to use it, be prepared for a huge disappointment. Don’t take this wrong and take it in a positive sense. By simple, we mean that you should follow the right approach and try to make even the most complicated programs in a delightful and straightforward manner for all types of users. 

At the same time, think about adding unique features in your app that assist users and amaze them as well. Do you remember the famous app Lyft? Remember that the group behind the app on its launch promised that all the rides will be done by unknown cars in a few years. 

A few years back, the business successfully tested its driverless car designed by NuTonomy. Furthermore, Sean O’Kane from The Verge wrote a post stating his experience with a semi BMW 540i presented by Lyft in association with Aptiv. 

The car was displayed in Las Vegas during a massive Consumer Electronics Show. Despite various difficulties, it managed to sneak into the market and was able to offer a safe and sound journey.


Pay Attention to Crossroads

Almost all of us know that it is not that simple to pick the right path, especially when you have reached a crossroad. However, things are a bit changed in the mobile world and don’t work in that way. 

The point of intersection of two mobile applications can become give you various extraordinary benefits. If you look closely and analyze the market, you can easily understand that consumer preferences have changed significantly. It means that you can use the features that don’t assist users in navigating but still make their ride more pleasant. 

You will easily find such features in your competitor’s app. You can also adopt this smart strategy. Besides, there are many examples of this unique strategy, such as Waze and Spotify. Spotify users can use Waze tools from their music app, and Waze users can enjoy them while riding.

Maps are Essential

Maps are essential in present times and when it comes to navigating in a big and busy city. Without a correct and efficient representation of the vital areas, it is extremely difficult to reach your desired destination in a timely manner. 

Similarly, pointers or markers inside the app should be clear and different from each other. If all pointers look the same, how will you spot the difference between a school and a restaurant? 

Due to this reason, Google Maps is regarded as the most efficient navigation app, especially after its recent updation. Google always cares for its users. Google allows users to use some of its maps even when they are not connected to the internet or don’t have a working connection. There are so many notable features in Google Maps that users love, and that is why Apple users also appreciate the app.

Key remains Customization

In addition to all the features and services provided by the other navigation apps, your new navigation app should allow the users to personalize their activity as per their preferences and needs. 

Suggesting the best restaurants as per users’ location or allowing users to upload the required data to make an optimized route will greatly impress them, and this will also differentiate your mobile app from the others. And above all, you will have numerous advertising opportunities through this strategy. 

At the same time, by offering these unique benefits to your users allows you to work on your desired business model. When users get such special features and benefits from your app, you will gladly pay for the app. 

For example, think of Road Warrior Route Planner, which charges its users $6 per month or $60 per year for all the features. The app’s features are valuable to courier companies, sales representatives, and many other business types, saving their time and increasing productivity and work efficiency. 

This app uses various tools provided by other well-known organizations such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, HERE Maps, Waze, or Glympse to transform itself into “the app money can buy.”

Get In Touch

Every mobile app developer and owner needs to understand and realize their users’ expectations, must reach out to their audience. By doing so, one can identify the user’s pain points and help you to find out the gaps that you may have missed, and it is also helpful in the app’s promotion.

Furthermore, keeping your users engaged during the process of app development is also necessary. This is because customers are the foundation of your company or business. Doing so in the correct manner and timely will significantly enhance app downloads among your target audience.

Get in touch with your target market, and don’t hesitate to ask for their feedback, opinions, or suggestions against your app. The whole process sounds simple, but it is extremely valuable for users as well as for your navigation app.

No matter how and when you reach out to your target audience, your new navigation app needs to be engraved into every element of your promotion. Moreover, try adding or showing the app’s name on your email footer with a tagline and a link towards your app page. Similarly, post your website’s or landing page’s link and link of your social media accounts to get the most of your reach.

Reach Out To Related People

Sponsorships can convert your brand into a substantial community. Similarly, building healthy and fruitful relationships with influencers in your industry can do wonders in the promotion of your navigation app. You can easily find related and relevant people online, or you can use BuzzSumo, which contains several influencers’ details.

Working with reliable people and influencers can be organized in different ways:

  • You can opt for a joint venture (promoting your navigation app for a set price or an exchange)
  • Share option (if your app is related to them)
  • Reach out to them and try to schedule an appointment to discuss your idea and collect some feedback.
  • Not only influencers but many other individuals can help you. Try to find people who love to write about your industry or niche. They will be more excited to write about your app and the solutions that it provides to users.

No matter how you reach out to influencers, don’t be pushy, as it can affect your brand’s reputation.

Do you have a Landing Page?

If your business doesn’t have a landing page, create the one now and write down yours and your brand’s intro concisely and comprehensively. The landing page should contain all the elements and details necessary to inform users. At the same time, try to keep it engaging and allows users to share their opinion about your mobile app.

Update Your App Regularly

Nobody likes troubles and bugs! However, it’s not only about bugs. While regular updates keep your app bug-free, they also give users a feeling that you are working hard to make users’ lives easier and make your app safe and secure.

This can be anything such as improving the overall app’s performance or working on new features to the app. Lastly, show those updates to your users in a prominent way.

Get Your App Featured On Related Websites

If you want to get featured on any mobile application review site or other relevant sites, you must write to them for your mobile app. Your pitch shouldn’t be too long. Instead, keep it to the point and explain why your navigation app is helpful to users and why it deserves to be reviewed and featured on their website.

Many of such websites are looking for:

  • Beautiful graphical designs and quality should be high.
  • Your submitted content should be original with relevant stats if needed.
  • Features of your app without unnecessary words.

In many cases, you will have to give them the required material to support your mobile app. To do this, you can use these options, or you can ask directly from the site’s owner:

  • A link to your mobile app page within the Store.
  • A brief summary explaining your app and why it is useful for the audience.
  • If needed, provide them screenshots of your app’s home screen and in-app content.
  • Videos about your app if applicable.

Receiving reviews about your mobile application is the simplest way to take advantage of another established website and its traffic as well. So find the best places to submit your new navigation app and go for it!

Final Thoughts

Navigation apps are extremely helpful, mainly when the app contains special and unique functions to make users’ lives hassle-free and more manageable. Such apps are not only useful for users but also for app developers and owners. Try to make your navigation app valuable to users and provide them the best routes through your app. 

At the same time, promote the navigation app in the best way and timely. Think from the user’s perspective, and feel free to take benefit of various advertisers and promoters if you want your navigation app to reach success!



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