Everything You Need To Know About Apple Search Ads -

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Search Ads


Do you remember that 2 months ago we informed you about the launch of App Store Search Ads by Apple? Well, on October 5 Apple launched Apple Search Ads, a paid advertising platform very advantageous for both users which are able to find the apps they need and for developers that show their apps to users that are looking for them. Moreover, they offered a Launch Promo Credit with $100 value for developers that signed up for their first campaign. By the way, did you get the promotion? Either way, this platform is a real opportunity for developers to increase discoverability of their app. But, let’s expand the idea in this article and to discuss in more depth about this service.

Key Findings About Apple Search Ads’ Performances

Every single study or statistical research shows that app store search is the main channel where smartphone users discover the apps they need. Think about yourself for a moment. What is the first place you have in mind when you need an app for solving one of your problems or for entertain you during your commute to work? Is it App Store?  If your answer is “Yes” then you represent a small part of the 63% – 65% of the ones that follow this path for finding an app.

Even Apple reveals that 65% of downloads are the result of App Store Search, which is a great percentage if we think about all the user acquisition techniques. The key is to find out what users are searching for and to offer them an app focused on that requirement.
This is the general perception of app discoverability methods but let’s see how App Store Search influenced the path to success for the ones that already decided to try this service and in what manner it was a winning solution for their user acquisition campaign. For this reason, AppsFlyer released a report where it highlights the results of using App Store Ads after a month. Among other information, it is shown that the apps that were opened after a tap in search results doubled their Add – To – Cart and In – App Purchases events.

Another slide shows something that we all expected in one way or another. That is the trick for the victory in this battle represented by finding the best combination of keywords. App Store Optimization is still the king in every marketing movement, since keywords are the best guides for raising your app in front of others in its category.

Working Algorithm

The entire procedure is not that complicated but you need to optimize your app store page and to work for better ratings if you want to create a great strategy.

  1. Decide on a budget for your campaign and a daily amount that you are able to spend since it is a Cost Per Tap (or Cost Per Click) payment system.
  2. Bid for the first position in search results because there is available only one ad per search.
  3. Choose the type of device you want to show your ad: iPad, iPhone or both.
  4. Choose the type of users which need to see the ad.
  5. Select the target audience by age, gender, location.
  6. In the same time you can schedule the ad for a specific date or hour.
  7. Check the Search Match tool for the right keywords related to your app.
  8. Be careful with Relative Search Term Popularity Index because if users don’t tap on your ad, Apple will show it less frequently until it will end up not showing it at all.
  9. Study analytics and test your campaign for a period of time to see if it is a good solution for you.


Features of Search Ads On App Store

We covered the fact that Apple Search Ads targets the right users in the right moment. But what other characteristics can make you see the difference between this system and other ways of attracting new users?

  1. Apple takes images of the app directly from your app store page. This is a positive thing because these images present the real aspect of your app, according to your App Store Metadata.
  2. The ad will have a native effect. The only difference is the blue background, which shows the fact that users are looking to an ad, not an organic response to their search.
  3. The level of security is very high, so Apple takes that off your shoulders.


3 Benefits For Developers

In the moment when a user arrives on Apple App Store with the intention of downloading an app, an ad pops in his search results. Don’t you want that ad to be yours if his search is related to your app? Of course you do. Even more after Apple limited the number of characters in app names at 50 as we explained in our previous article, How To Adapt To Shorter App Names On App Store where we gave you good tips on how to create an appropriate app name following Apple’s rules.

  1. Timing is the biggest advantage of using Apple Search Ads, because you can’t find a better occasion for making your app visible to possible users than the point when they need it the most.
  2. App Store Search Ads represents a method to encourage app developers to create great apps that can answer for users’ problems without worrying that much about the overcrowded market.
  3. The payment method for the ad is CPT (Cost Per Tap), which means that the app owner will pay only if user will click on the ad, not if the ad is listed in search results and the user shows no interest for it.


3 Best Practices For Effective Search Ads On App Store

Besides using the tools provided by Apple for choosing the right keywords or checking the level of popularity for your ad, there are few things you can do to make sure that your campaign is a success and you invest your money in a suitable manner.

  1. Check the app store page for a proper appearance, since Apple selects the pictures for Search Ad, according to these settings. Optimizing your app store page improves your visibility and provides a correct point of view for your app. Moreover, you need to be sure that the user is convinced to download your app if he landed on your app store page through this type of ad. If all these elements impress him, then he will give it a try and your ad will have the wanted effect.
  2. Be realistic about your daily and your overall budget, because your ad will not appear any more if you reached your limit. Even with the $100 offer you should be able to invest more in your campaign.
  3. Make sure your ad is relevant for the solution provided by your app, if you don’t want Apple to cancel your strategy. This can happen, no matter how big is your budget. Apart from that, if a person downloads your app and he realizes that it wasn’t what he wanted, then he will delete it immediately. This way you will waste your money and in the same time you will lose that user. This is the worst thing which can happen in this situation.


Final Thoughts

We always explain that every app owner should play all the cards available to promote his apps. In a mobile environment where we are surrounded by all kinds of apps, there are fewer chances every day to convince people to download your app. This is why, Apple Search Ads should be considered in your marketing campaign because of its solutions to access users’ attention in the exact moment when they look for an app like yours.


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