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    Event Invitation Email Examples With Key Parts & Tips


    We’ve talked that attending or organizing an event is amont app promotion strategies many times. It helps you raising your app fame and reaching out many people. Either attending or organizing an event, an invitation email, also called as event email, is a common thing you come across. If you are on the side of sending an event email, you should focus on several critical issues.
    We are here to beautify your email and raise engagement level. Take your coffee or tea, sit back and start reading. We will talk about key parts and tips of sending an event invitation email.

    Key Parts Of Event Invitation Email

    Subject Heading

    It is the first attention-grabbing point which determines whether the email would be opened or not. 33% of email recipients say they open emails based on the subject line alone. A relevant and catchy subject line is what leads to be opened your email.   

    Pictures And Other Visuals

    You can beautify your content with pictures, images or video in order to interact with audiences visually. Moreover, it saves your email being dull and grabs the attention. Just make sure to add relevant, high-quality and mobile friendly images.

    Call-to-Action Button

    Your purpose for sending an email to persuade the person to take an intended action. So, make sure to add a CTA button, only the one required.

    Email Signature

    It is also important to have a corporate email signature. It states you’re professional. A perfect email signature includes email address, phone number, address and social media links. So, you close an email in a meaningful way.

    Tips To Create An Event Invitation Email

    As well as having non removable parts of an event invitation email, there is a way to offer them in a good sense.

    Clear Purpose For Invitation

    Firstly, your purpose should be clear; whether you are inviting the recipient to the event, offering a early bird coupon code or discount or something else. State it by using words “You’re invited…”, “Get 25% off…” or “Save money with early bird coupon code…” in a visible way.


    Personalization is significant for creating more engaging emails. An email calling the recipient with his/her name is felt like a friend. Personalization results in a deeper, more meaningful relationship with subscribers. Even, sending an email with the recipient’s name instead of just “Hello” is enough to grab the attention and care.

    Flow Of The Content

    Your email should have a regular flow to persuade audiences. Proceed towards a call-to-action at the end. For example; let’s say you’re writing an email about mobile marketing event. It would be better to start by writing about the importance of mobile marketing strategies. Then come to the event and how it contributes to the self-development. Lastly, add a CTA button that clearly states the purpose.  

    Show Speaker Credentials

    Showing speaker credentials inspires recipient why should attend. By giving details about speakers, you can satisfy their curiosity on what they will gain at the event, or who the speakers are and what makes them qualified. So, push more people to register or attend the event.

    Create Urgency

    For pushing registration, creating an urgency is the best method. So, you can offer time-limited deals. For example, it would be good to say “Last 3 Days Before Early Bird Pricing Ends”. By the way, don’t content yourself with just one email, send reminder emails.


    Participants want to receive a follow-up email, because they would forget the event among everyday work routine. A follow-up email can include;

      • Thank you for coming to our event
      • Link to helpful and related resources
      • Link to see event photos or video content
      • Recap of event outcomes
      • Special offers for related products
    • Announcements for future events

    It could be better if it could be sent within 24 hours of the event.

    Choose Strategic Times To Send

    According to Event Industry News report, the best event invitation send times are 6:00AM, 10:30AM, and 4:30PM. The worst time is after 5:00PM.

    Event Invitation Email Samples To Inspire

    Whether you’re looking for an informal or a formal invitation email sample, here are some event invitations email templates that you can inspire from.

    Kisssmetrics Webinar

    Kissmetrics calls the recipient with her name. It is cool! Then, it gives basic info about webinar. Lastly, adds a clear CTA button. However, this email seems a bit colorless. For example, it can be beautified with more catchy email header image.

    Compete Event Email

    In this email, there is no personalization, but it seems cool as visually. Firstly, it gives details about time and speakers as two different columns. Then, gives an information about what it would add value to you. Lastly, we see a CTA button. It is a good time and place to add it.

    Action Rocket Event Email

    This email has no personalization, too. However, title is big and attention grabbing enough to get needed information about event. After giving a basic information, it is added a CTA button. It is simple and enough as content. However, it would be better if it sounds as personal.

    Women’s Conference Event Email

    This email is visually perfect. In spite of being a bit long, it includes all required information. If you are planning to send this kind of email, it would be the best decision to add a clear CTA button to the first part of the email as you see here. After CTA, you can get detailed the event. You can add another CTA button at the end to help to further emphasize the important of the action to readers.

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