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Best Tips And Tools To Create Effective App Videos


If you read our blog post How To Create An Effective App Store Video (if not, now would be a good time to take a look at that article) you understood how powerful can be a well-designed clip for convincing users that your app is what they need. But app stores aren’t the only place where you can use a video for promoting your app. We will guide you to reach your users, but first let’s remember the best practices for making users appreciate your creation and the most useful tools to create smart videos.

5 Tips To Create An Effective Video Ad

When you consider to impress customers with a video for your app there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Make It Short (15s to 30s)

Because you are not making an entire movie you have to concentrate the whole concept in less than 30 seconds and the most important element has to be presented in the first 5 seconds. Start by highlighting why your app is essential for helping users and what makes it different from the rest of the apps available in its category.

  • Clear CTA Button 

After you finish your story, what’s next? Show the purpose of your clip inside a button, like “Download The App” or “Play Now”. This is the only way to describe the following move for viewers. With a bold but not to distractive call to action they will know what to do if they like your video.

  • Consider Device Orientation (Portrait Or Landscape Mode)

When you design your video you need to take into account the platform where you will upload your ad. Some of them, like Snapchat require only vertical videos to be used for a better engagement of your customers.

  • Show Only Key Features

App owners, especially developers who put their soul into creating the app, tend to give irrelevant details about the features offered by the app. Overloading videos with too much information can cause confusion which will make more harm than good.

  • Keep Texts Short And Readable

Don’t use too much text especially if you need to localize it and keep in mind different screen sizes to make it understandable for potential users. If you decide to add music or sound effects, you have to match the entire theme of your video with the rhythm and with the tone of voice, but remember that many persons prefer to watch videos in silent mode.

Mandatory Tip: Test Everything

You won’t be sure about anything when you create a video if you don’t ask for other opinions. Besides that you will save a lot of resources if you manage to create from the start a video tailored on your users’ preferences.

3 Video Editing Tools For Beginners

Now that you know the theory, how can you manage the creation part? You will be happy to discover that there are tools specially designed to help you editing your ad even if you are not a famous video maker.

1. Wideo

Image Source: http://get.wideo.co/

With Wideo it is very easy to create a video from scratch having multiple options like working on your own images, using elements provided by the editor or modifying one of the templates available according to your brand. You just need to drag and drop different objects on the screen or to select desired animations. If you read testimonials you will see the wonderful results obtain by the ones who used it.

2. Biteable

Image Source: https://biteable.com/advertising/

Biteable is a free ad maker which allows you to design a video even if you don’t trust your designing skills. You just need to sign up. Additionally to the templates provided for you to modify them you will find a lot of helpful advices and ideas that guide you to use the video resulted for promoting your product.

3. iMovie

Image Source: https://www.wondershare.com/imovie/imovie-screen-capture.html

iMovie is a built in editor provided by Apple. You can check the official documentation page for a step by step tutorial on how to use this tool for editing your ad video after you record your mobile app using QuickTime Recorder (see more below).

Best Tools For Video Recording An App

When you create an ad for promoting a mobile app you need to allow users to see your app in action because this is the main purpose of your clip. We will present you some solutions to record your app.

1. AZ Screen Recorder (Android)

Image Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hecorat.screenrecorder.free&hl=en&utm_source=apptamin&utm_campaign=ioscapture&utm_medium=blog

AZ Screen Recorder is an intuitive app you can use for recording your Android device. Its clean interface allows you to do the job without spending too much time trying to understand how it works.

2. Mobizen (Android)

Image Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rsupport.mvagent&hl=en&utm_source=apptamin&utm_campaign=ioscapture&utm_medium=blog

If you still own an Android 4.4 Kit Kat you probably know that Mobizen will help you record your screen without rooting your phone. Besides that it is a trustful app that will make your job easier when you want to capture some scenes from your app.

3. QuickTime Player (Free / Mac)

Image Source: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201066

Quick Time Player is an advanced tool for creating impressive videos after you record your app. The name of its owner, Apple says everything about the high standards provided by this software.

4. Capto ($29.99 / Mac)

Image Source: http://www.globaldelight.com/capto/features

Capto is a handy tool for capturing scenes on Mac or iOS devices. You can also use it for editing your videos or to share them. If you want to try it before spending your money you can download a trial.

5. Reflector App (14.99 / iOS / Android)

Image Source: http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/

Reflector 2 is a wireless mirroring and streaming tool for creating a high quality presentation. An interesting feature is that it allows you to send your video directly to Youtube. You can try it to make sure that it fits your needs.

External Pro Kits

Image Source: https://www.apptamin.com/blog/screen-recorder-for-android/

If you feel that all the software above is not enough for your requirements you can use one of the external kits that offers you a higher level of performance, like Elgato or Hauppauge. These solutions are famous around game developers for creating more sophisticated tutorials for their players. Everything depends on your preferences and of course, your budget.

4 Ways To Use Your Video For Marketing

Now, after you created a smashing video what can you do with it?

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube)

We talked about Best Practices Of Mobile Video Ads On Social Media where we described the main steps for creating a mobile video ad on the most important social media platforms along with useful guidelines for best results.

  • Engage In Forums And Platforms (Reddit, Startup Videos, appPicker)

When you talk about your app on special forums or platforms a good idea is to add also your video to make a point. The other members of community will understand better what you were trying to describe and they will even share your video if they like it. Redditors will be more interested if you prove that your app solves a major problem. Another handy solution is Startup Videos where you can submit your video by completing a simple form and also appPicker is a friendly platform that allows you to promote your app through the video created.

  • Email Marketing

Every time you consider email as a valuable channel to connect with your users or maybe to pitch a reporter for reviewing your app you will impress more if you add your video inside your message. This strategy improves email open rate and receiver will be able to observe what your app has to offer.

  • Website And Landing Page

If you took our advice and you created a great website for your app, then you know that a video is one of the Key Components Of Amazing Landing Page For Mobile Apps. A video tells the story of your app in a few seconds, so it is mandatory to be added on your app’s website.


This is it. Now you have the whole package to attract users with your amazing video ads. We gathered tips and tools to help you with the entire process. After you create your video feel free to share it in our comments section along with the tools that made your job a lot easier.


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