7 Tips For The Best Mobile Video Ad Optimization -

7 Tips For The Best Mobile Video Ad Optimization


We all know how efficient mobile video ads are for the success of a campaign because we discussed that on different occasions. But what can we do to increase these performances? It is impossible to upload any random clip and then rest assured that our strategy will work. For today we prepared a tutorial to make sure that your video ads will provide the wanted results. Each of the following tips is equally important but if you want to obtain the benefits of this format you should consider all of them when you create your video.

Essentials Of Optimizing Video Ads To Mobile

First of all, you must be aware that mobile video ads and desktop video ads are very different when it comes to viewer’s behavior. In the same time, mobile devices come with different screen sizes. So, having these ideas in mind let’s proceed to understand all the steps required for optimizing your video ads for the mobile environment.

Identify The Platform You Will Use

Now you need to pay attention to your users because they will tell you their favorite channel where they expect to find your video. After you select the suitable platform for your ad, you have to play by their rules. Read carefully all the details about how to create a video for that specific platform and follow them during the entire process. If you want to select one of the tools available on social media networks we invite you to check our guide on how to design amazing video ads that will be shared by your customers. It is not hard but there are various steps required for obtaining a high – quality ad.

Image Source: https://www.apptamin.com/blog/instagram-video-app-install-ads/


Optimize To Best Timing

After selecting the best platform that will display your video it is mandatory to analyze your data and to observe when your customers are willing to watch the video. Some of them check their phone during their commute. Others will pay attention to your ad late at night. There is also a category of users that want to watch more videos at weekend. Let’s put it like this. What is the point to create an amazing video if nobody gets to watch it because you make it visible during their working hours or too late in the night? Therefore, reaching the right moment of the day is crucial for the success of the ad.

Image Source: http://tubularinsights.com/millennials-watch-tv-smartphones-tablets-video-viewing-report/


Mute The Sound As Default

The thing with mobiles is that they are … well, mobile. They can be carried everywhere. Imagine the following scenario. A potential customer is on the bus, going to work. He sees your ad and he taps on it. All of a sudden a voice starts talking about a specific product. All eyes are on him. He tries to apologize and to shut the video in the same time. The result: you lost him forever. Bottom line: don’t rely on voices when you create a mobile video ad and definitely be careful to leave the sound to users’ choice.

Image Source: http://nativeadvertising.com/how-to-optimize-your-brands-video-to-make-the-most-of-your-native-placements-2/


Consider Vertical Hold

Most of the people use their phones in vertical mode, so switching to horizontal each time a video appears is very annoying. While more and more platforms observe this reaction you also should make a vertical video. One of the most popular channels that require this type of clips is Snapchat, which also provides a special tool, Snap Publisher for helping you to transform any video into a vertical one. We already mentioned it a few times before but we remind you to consult the entire documentation for making sure that your video will be converted as you want.

Image Source: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/276425/vertical-in-app-mobile-video-ads-offer-greater-imp.html


Length Is A Key Factor

When we talk about mobile devices, users go from web to app or from an app to another in just a few seconds. The attention span, in this case, is very short and if you don’t grab customers’ interest from the first seconds all your efforts are worthless. Moreover, don’t make the video longer than it should be. Experts recommend the length of fewer than 30 seconds to make sure that viewers will watch it until the end. It goes without saying that it needs to be interesting enough to convince users it’s worth spending the time.

Image Source: http://marketingland.com/comprehensive-guide-video-advertising-2016-170879


Make Multiscreen View Available

One of the most important aspects you must consider when you design your video is the variety of devices. If you want to drive awareness with your ad you should pay attention to the way your brand logo is visible on all types of screens. In the same time, you should be aware of the preferences of your target audience. Younger customers like to use smartphones, while the ones with the age between 35 and 54 spend their time on tablets. In Millennials’ case, you need to consider both types of gadgets. For more insights about best practices for creating mobile video ads we recommend you to read the entire report published by IAB last year.

Image Source: http://www.fico.com/en/blogs/marketing-customer-engagement/mobile-banking-millennials-might-think/


Be Interactive

Now, you are almost ready to see customers’ reactions when they see your video. But what if they like it? What’s next? You have to make it clear for them that they need to install the app or to subscribe for more premium content, or whatever is the purpose of the ad. For that reason, a smart call to action that says “Download” or “Subscribe now” is required at this moment. Keep in mind that users engage more if your video is interactive and allow them to perform certain actions. As long as your customers will maintain their interest you can be sure that you will maximize the return on investment.

Image Source: https://adwords.googleblog.com/2015/03/drive-more-app-installs-with-higher.html


There you have it: a perfectly optimized mobile video ad. Why invest all this effort? Because you have so little chances to attract users in this dynamic world. So, you need to do whatever it takes to reach their expectations. And they want great experiences specially created for their devices. Offering them less than that means to create opportunities for your competitors which is the last thing you want to do. Now go ahead and display your video in its perfect form on the favorite platform of your customers and enjoy the results.


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