Mobile App Success Story: Life Hacks By Crumblyy -

Mobile App Success Story: Life Hacks By Crumblyy


In order to reach success, we all need to increase our productivity. But it is very difficult to start a long process and to stick to it. Luckily, there are apps that offer a different approach. For example, Crumblyy provides life hacks in small bites. Let’s see what makes it different from other apps in the same category.

Brilliant Idea

Crumblyy is the creation of TNine Infotech, an Indian app development studio. The app was launched in 2016 and at first, it was called Life Hacks. It is available only on Google Play. Even though it seems similar to other products on the app store, Crumblyy offers certain features that improve the way users interact with the app. Instead of throwing all kinds of advices and to confuse customers, all the information is organized in different categories making it easy for customers to assimilate it. User experience is very important but there are other aspects we need to take into account when we discuss this life hacks app.

How Crumblyy Did It

We are going to analyze Crumblyy in order to obtain some growth hacking strategies for your app.

Business Model

Crumblyy is a free app, so it is very easy to download it and to take into account the words that appear in the preview video: ”Learning new things should never stop.”. As you probably guessed, Crumblyy has ads but the team behind the app followed the best practices for showing them to their audience. The promotional content appears on cards just like all the tips and tricks shown in the app. They are displayed when the engagement rate is high or when users press the Back button. They aren’t annoying and don’t interfere with the way customers use the app. More importantly, users won’t be distracted while they try to find the most interesting way to change their lives.


You can think of Crumblyy as a package full of goodies, smartly wrapped. For example, users don’t have to worry about their internet connection because the app works also offline. Users’ opinion really counts because they have the chance to vote for each card, to bookmark their favorites or to report a hack. Their feedback is very important and that is obvious since every review is appreciated by Tnine Infotech. Customers are encouraged to share their thoughts about the app and to tell their friends how beneficial is Crumblyy. Some of the hacks have rich visuals and others contain links to more detailed examples. One of the best elements is that the app shows a different card every day and this fact makes users curious. This is enough to convince them to open the app daily.

Press Coverage

Press plays a certain role in the growth of every app, no matter its category. This is the reason why app creators should focus on showing their work on tech sites. In fact, for apps that offer various how-to guides, advices, tips, and tricks one of the best places to meet future users is the web. Usually, people search for answers and find certain articles which point to an app as the solution to their problem. What if that app is yours? Of course, before getting started you will need a press list and obviously, a press kit. Further, you have to personalize your pitch and to prove the value of your app. Keep in mind though that media coverage has to be an additional technique to impress users. You shouldn’t build your entire strategy around this method. For more information check our article on how to drive awareness and installs for your app with press coverage.

Product Hunt

Recently, the app was posted on Product Hunt, which means that people who want to improve their lives and search for a solution will find this product. In case you want to adopt the same technique you should know that there are certain rules you need to follow in order to present your app on the platform. For example, you can’t tell people to upvote your creation but you need to spread the word about your app being on Product Hunt. This way, they will understand to visit your page and to share their opinion with other viewers. Be the first one who comments, describing your app and make sure you are available whole day for answering all the questions coming from potential users. You will have to use your personal account, not your company’s. In the same time, you need to be aware of the fact that not all those upvotes will become installs. Well, these are just a few advices. Feel free to check our entire tutorial on how to increase your app downloads with Product Hunt.

Bonus Tip: Make It Unique!

There are countless life hacks apps on both app markets. Most of them are called just like that: Life Hacks. A similar phenomenon happens in many other categories. How can users figure out what to download? Make your app unique! This is exactly what Tnine Infotech did. They renamed the app in order to stand out from the crowd. But this is not all! What’s the point of changing the name of the app when everything else remains the same? So they started to modify it until they transformed it entirely. A new concept, new features improved users’ experience, and people started to talk about it. Imagine if your app’s name is the same as other creations on the app store and you offer exactly the same facilities. Obviously, your efforts to improve and promote your app are pointless. An important lesson is to offer a distinct product for your users for convincing them to pay attention to your work.

Final Thoughts

Crumblyy is an app which offers valuable advices about different aspects of our lives through its interesting features, but it also provides important tips and tricks for app marketing in an indirect way. Our story proves that, even if it seems similar to other apps on the market, the app has its unique approach to attract users!


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