Mobile App Success Story: Baby And Child First Aid -

Mobile App Success Story: Baby And Child First Aid


On 1 June many countries celebrate Children’s Day, also called The International Day for Protection of Children. And one of the best ways to protect a kid is to make sure you learn the most important first aid skills. A handy method for understanding how to handle emergency situations is a mobile app, like Baby And Child First Aid. We won’t tell you why it matters because you already know that. We just want to present you the main methods used for promoting this medical app.


Brilliant Idea

There are millions of apps on both app markets. Some of them are really fun and even crazy popular, like games, while others are vital like medical apps. Baby And Child First Aid belongs to the second group of apps. It was created by the British Red Cross, a humanitarian organization, in collaboration with 3 SIDED CUBE, an app development agency, for offering parents all the necessary information in case their children need help. The app was launched in 2013 and it is available on Apple App Store and on Google Play. It provides valuable advices for parents who tend to press the panic button and don’t know what to do when their kids don’t feel well. While for other apps mobile marketing is very important in order to increase their success, for products like Baby And Child First Aid marketing becomes mandatory to save lives.

How Baby And Child First Aid Did It

There are many apps built for offering information on how to give first aid but very few specially created for kids. We will show you why Baby And Child First Aid is a must – have for all parents.


Let’s start with the most obvious aspect. The app is free! Nothing stops users to download it and to try it. Even though we are talking about kids’ safety and money shouldn’t be a problem, in this case – usually, users don’t know if an app is worth paying for. Being free, the app is accessible for everyone, anytime. So, there aren’t any excuses for not installing and testing the app to see if it fits your needs! In the same time, you should keep in mind this approach in case you have a medical app!

Well – Designed

As we said, there are many medical apps but some of them don’t offer the wanted help. Baby And Child First Aid has 6 sections: Learn, Prepare, Emergency, Test, Toolkit, and Info which are easy to reach. Users can even take advantage of their free time and to learn the basics of first aid. With just a few taps they can select a certain situation and they will receive all the wanted information. At first, a small message is shown asking them if it is an emergency. In case the answer is “No” users can continue to learn the best practices or how to be prepared for preventing that issue. Otherwise, the app takes them to the emergency tab where they can follow the step – by – step guide for solving the problem. On the same page, there is a button for the emergency number (for UK users only), more useful advices and other helpful links.


And now, we should share a little secret why the app is so efficient. It contains a lot of videos! A preview video is available on YouTube and what is more important, parents can follow the advices described inside the app easier when they watch the small clips attached to each scenario presented. Watching these videos helps them understand the symptoms and to see if their assumptions are valid. Those videos are short and comprehensive, allowing users to learn what they have to do and how to handle the situation in the best possible way.


The first three sections of this app are essential whenever users need help for an emergency situation but there are many other features which improve the experience provided by Baby And Child First Aid. For example, on Toolkit page, parents can record their kids’ information for a better management whenever the little ones have a problem. There is also a special field where they can add data about their allergies and another one for their medication. Moreover, the Info tab has all kinds of useful links which offer additional information when users need it. In case they want to know more about the British Red Cross mission or about the team that built the app, some fast links take them to the official sites. If users want to become volunteers or if they want to download the other app offered by the British Red Cross, this is the right place for these activities. More information about privacy and other concerns are also available here.


As we highlighted earlier the app represents a great solution for a parent in case they want to be prepared for certain accidents. After learning what they have to do, they can take short tests for a better understanding of the techniques described in the lessons presented. The entire process is handled very well and users are encouraged to test their knowledge without feeling frustrated that they didn’t know at first. If their answers are wrong they have the chance to try again and again. They receive the right answers to those questions and this way they will remember them faster.

Bonus Tip: Make It Easy For Users To Share Your App!

We already mentioned this before but it is worth repeating because this app really saves lives and most important it shows the right procedures for kids and babies. Therefore, it is crucial to spread the word about the app. And because it is so well – designed it isn’t so hard to convince users to share it. You mustn’t forget that marketing is very important but, in this case, it becomes vital! The app has a special section which reminds users why is so important to tell other people about the advantages provided by Baby And Child First Aid. Moreover, users are invited to tell their stories and to describe in what way the app was helpful. This is a good strategy for all categories of apps!

Final Thoughts

Takeaways: Download Baby And Child First Aid and keep it on your device! Talk to friends and family about this product! In case you have a medical app and you want to convince users to download it follow the steps presented above!


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