Here We Are To Help You Achieve New Year’s Resolutions!


We are here with the newest campaign of 2018! As you know, we offered different campaigns to contribute to grow up your app previous year. Thanks to your contributions and interest, it was a perfect year for you and us. It won’t change this year and we will help you have an amazing 2018!

Today, we are proud to announce our another free ad credit campaign for app developers and marketers. Again, it is very simple to join it. Just taking a few minutes to attend the campaign is enough to show your desire to come in first.

Here are the details about our new amazing campaign!!!

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We have $5000 free ad credit gifts for 3 perfect mobile apps to let you make a flying start to the new year! Attendance is very easy and joining this campaign is absolutely for FREE! All you need to do is; 

1. Fill out the form below 

2. Sign up to App Samurai and verify your account via your e-mail

3. Share this page via Twitter with #stepupyourapp

By the way, don’t forget to follow our Twitter page 😉

The campaign is over. You can see the results here!

How We Will Choose the Winners

As you know, we care transparency in our campaigns so let’s clarify our evaluation process and explain you the path to winners.

  • First, we will eliminate the attendees who don’t meet our rules of participation.
  • We created a in-house committee to evaluate the apps.
  • We will divide the remaining apps into 10 categories for each of our committee member.
  • Our committee members will evaluate the apps according to specified criteria and give apps points according to our point scoring system.
  • After this first round, we will pick the best 10 apps and ask our committee for give points to apps according to the same point scoring system. At the end of this evaluation process, we will have the winners!

Points to Consider

  • Don’t forget to share with the required hashtag.
  • You need to use an attribution tool like TUNE or Adjust to let us show you the most correct results.
  • You need to create your first campaign within 1 week after your credit loaded to your account.


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