Benefits Of Mapping A Mobile Customer Journey -

Benefits Of Mapping A Mobile Customer Journey


You probably noticed by now that if you select two random users from your audience, you will never find two identical ones. Each customer interacts in different ways with your app. Of course, you want absolutely all users of your app to pass through all the stages until they even make in-app purchases. But this is not happening in the real world. So, to gain as many loyal users as possible, you need to become a lighthouse and to lead them through your app according to their purposes. This road is called the mobile customer journey, and we will talk about the entire philosophy of a useful mapping of the loyal user journey.

Mobile customer journey mapping is important because mobile app customer journey is everything!

What Is A Mobile Customer Journey?

As experts describe it, a mobile customer journey is the experience of users with your product; in this case, with your app. Creating a mobile customer journey map means drawing a graphic representation of ideal users’ road through your app.

Benefits Of Mapping A Customer Journey

Even if this entire technique claims a lot of effort and research, it comes packed with many advantages for the relationship between your brand and your customers and the success of your app.

Clear Segmentation Of Users

Observing users in the middle of their activity and trying to understand their feelings and their reactions will allow you to provide the right content for them. This way you can offer them exactly what they want. You can find inspiration on the benefits of app user segmentation in a previous article published on our blog.

Eliminate UX/UI Flaws

Many times, your perception over your app doesn’t match your users’ desires, but mapping your user journey means to remove barriers and to design your app according to their needs. It is essential to create a great atmosphere inside your app if you want them to follow your cues.

Strengthen Your Marketing Strategies

Much better than shooting blind is to know what you are doing and to create some essential requirements that must be accomplished to reach your goal.

Define Breach Points

Because you are looking to create a smooth journey, you need to determine the points where users get lost and to guide them until the next flag. Start with your onboarding flow. Is it too complicated or too lengthy? Then you must work to simplify it. After you observe an improvement in users’ reaction, you can analyze the following milestone. When you are pleased with your customers’ response, you can go further.

Motivate Users To Pass Next Step

After that, you must communicate with your users for helping them whenever it is necessary. You need to decide this matter because you have two options to touch users’ interest.

Incentivized Campaigns

The first solution is to motivate your users to go to the next level of your app by offering them something valuable. Who would refuse the encouragement of a free bonus?

Push Campaigns

Another useful technique for convincing users to make the next step is to send the right message at the right time. There are several alternatives to inform customers about the proper methods for improving their performances inside your app.

  • Push notifications work for those who are about to churn. The only disadvantage is that users have to opt – in to receive them, but a thoughtfully plan and their enhanced version, which is rich media push notifications will do the job for you.
  • Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways of contacting users with relevant signals. The problem is that if they abandon the app too early they won’t create an account and you won’t have their email address. For this reason, you have to find the right balance between allowing customers to use the app and asking for their data as soon as possible.
  • In-app messages are essential for customers who open your app. It is an excellent method for connecting with your users and to assist them whenever they have some doubts or even to congratulate them for a completed action. Users need to feel your presence and your implication during their journey.


What Makes A Good Mobile Customer Journey Map?

After you lighten the road for your valuable users, the next move is to determine the map for other customers to follow the same journey and to become loyal.

Well Researched Ideal Customer

First of all, you need to analyze your data in the most accurate way and to find at least one type of loyal user. Creating different typologies for ideal customers will allow you to discover multiple hypotheses for testing to determine a suitable journey map.

Clear Goals

For each of those criteria, you have to set some sharp vital points which will determine the path for your mapping. Having precise goals will allow you to follow the plan and to distinguish the challenges that may appear. Creating a great marketing strategy isn’t an exact science, but with the right approach, you will draw the right chart for your users.

Rich In-App Events

It is vital to determine the focal points of your app. After clarifying what the main goals are, you have to consider what in-app events to track. What is the tutorial completion rate? Did the user make some purchases, or did he share your app with all the persons he knows? These measurements will let you understand in which point of the map users have troubles to maintain their attention focused and to continue their adventure.


We presented you the best practices of lifecycle marketing, but this is not a one-time strategy. It is a continual process where you act and then wait for results. According to the answers received, you will plan your next move. Following users’ behaviour will allow you to create your strategy based on valuable facts and not on assumptions to discover what works and what doesn’t.


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