App Samurai Year in Review in 2019



It has been a huge year for App Samurai. We grew and so did you! We take a look back at some of our highlights from 2019! 

Together, We Amassed 11.7m Downloads!

This is a 240% YOY growth. Congratulations everyone! Here is to a continued rapid YOY growth in 2020. 

Our Customers

We have over one thousand happy customers from 5 continents. Our top 6 countries, that our customers come from are: (1) USA; (2) Spain; (3) Ukraine; (4) UK; (5) Russia; (6) Canada.  You are from agencies, you are app developers and owners, marketers, ad networks and affiliates. We have a broad range of categories which we are helping to grow, including retail, betting, gaming, food and beverage, education, medical, sports and many more!

Your Success is Our Success

We only grow, if our customers are growing! This year, we decided to change our focus to a more tailored and customized approach, giving a higher level of support to tier-one customers and apps. This strategy paid off, as we were able to achieve some truly remarkable results together, such as:

  • Eti (family and education) achieved the number one position in their respective app category. 
  • City of Games (games category) achieved the most number of downloads out of our entire App Samurai family of apps. Congrats!
  • Fitplan exceeded their campaign goals, with their DAI increasing by 230%

Time for a Humble Brag

This year, we were lucky enough to be recognized by industry leaders and peers for our marketing, business, CRM and advertising efforts. This includes:

Cheers to 2019 // Now Looking Forward to Bigger and Better 2020 Success!

We are really excited about all that 2020 holds for App Samurai and our customers. Along with our passionate team of dedicated account managers, we will be driving the success of our customer’s user acquisition journey, bringing you quality traffic from over 100+ ad networks.

We will continue to be a conduit between you and over 100+ ad networks, giving you seamless access to the benefits of over 100+ ad networks, from the convenience of one sleek dashboard, and through the guidance of your own dedicated account manager. 

App Samurai helped many of its customers in 2019 get qualified downloads and users, that went on to perform well in their apps, and in 2020, we’re excited to continue this rapid and fruitful growth for our customers, through being your trusted adviser and conduit. 


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