10 Reasons Why Mobile Battle Royale Games Are So Popular -

10 Reasons Why Mobile Battle Royale Games Are So Popular


PUBG Mobile is a real sensation! Its competitor, Fortnite is amazing! And before being able to download these games on our mobile devices, Rules of Survival reached an amazing success! But what all these titles have in common and why people spend hours playing these games? Today we will eliminate this mystery and we will discuss in detail about battle royale phenomenon.

10 Reasons Why Battle Royale Games Are So Popular

There is no doubt that battle royale games are gamers’ favorite genre of the moment. Now, we should reveal the reasons why players prefer this type of games.

Mobile Games Culture

It is unclear if a certain game made battle royale very popular or if this category is so appreciated that a huge number of player want to try these game. The truth is that everybody from teenagers to adults became obsessed with third-person shooters. Imagine parents playing with their kids the same game! After all, when it comes to passion for games, the age doesn’t matter.

Battle Royale Games Are Portable

The main advantage is that these games are portable. Better saying, battle royale games are everywhere. We all know that the madness started on PCs. Soon after that, people were playing them on consoles and now they are available on mobile devices. It doesn’t matter which version you prefer, the important fact is that battle royale games are there, ready for you to start and get hooked.

Battle Royale Games Are Mobile

Now, let’s back to our favorite device. Battle royale fans can play their favorite game anytime and anywhere. You can’t say that you have no time to kill the other players because the game is in the palm of your hand. You just need to tap on the small icon on your phone’s screen and you can play it until you are the last one who survives or until the bus is here. We meant the real bus, not the one suspended!

Everyone Is Playing

There are millions of reasons why we download a game, but the most powerful one is the curiosity. When you see one of your friends playing a game makes you wonder why he does that, but when all of your friends enjoy the same game there isn’t room for further questions. You just download it and start competing with them in one way or the other. The same thing happens with third-person shooter. Just remember how everybody reacted when Drake and Ninja played Fortnite on Twitch. We always say that users bring more users. It’s the domino effect!

Free To Play

But why is it so easy to start playing the same game as your friends? Because it is free! Otherwise, you would probably ask yourself if you should pay for a game just because someone else is playing it. Well, at least in the beginning. This doesn’t mean that you won’t spend your money inside the game. This decision is influenced by many factors especially when you become addicted. We won’t go into details but this is the psychology behind mobile games. This brings us to the following point.

Easy To Play

Well, you have to admit! Everyone can play the game. It is true that there are few people who will win but it doesn’t rocket science to start shooting other players. Of course, you need to be an expert to start building strategies. You have to figure out how to kill everybody else and to be the last one on the island. But as you all know, practice makes you better. So, the more you play it, the better you will become.

There Are Awesome Updates

When you want to spend your money, development teams behind battle royale games make sure you have the amazing equipment to choose from. Whether you want a new outfit for your shooter or something more urgent like supplies, you know where to find them. But be careful that no matter how many purchases you make, you won’t become a better player unless you learn how to fight against other gamers.

Taking Advantage Of Special Events

Additionally to the in-app items offered, these games are being updated with every special event. You probably remember all those Christmas trees on the island in Fortnite. Moreover, there are tournaments which engage players who want to compete for winning various prizes. While some of them are launched by these games’ creators, other competitions are local, in various cities. The result is that this phenomenon becomes bigger and bigger!

Team Work

Even though you have to be the last one standing, you get the chance to play with all of your friends. What is more fun than practicing your skills and fighting against your enemies with your real friends? The social element is essential in every game but here, when you have the opportunity to play with other 100 gamers becomes even more important. And we didn’t even mention about bragging with your triumph.

The Adrenaline Rush

The fact of the matter is that a game in this category becomes really intense especially when you play it for a long time. You won’t see players complaining that the game is too boring for them. But what if you’ve played the game for so long that you became a master and you are in top 10 players? How would that make you feel? Or even better, imagine the feeling you have when you win the battle? Probably this is the reason why this genre is called battle royale.


Final Thoughts

Well, you already knew that battle royale games are extremely popular on PCs and consoles and they became a phenomenon on mobile devices. Now you know why! It remains to be seen how many years it will last because nothing stays forever in this dynamic ecosystem. Before we know it a new game style will come and take over this world. But obviously, that won’t happen anytime soon! So, enjoy battle royale games!


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