The Secret Sauce of ROI-Positive Mobile User Acquisition


Detection & Prevention of Ad Fraud

Ad Fraud is a huge problem because it determines additional costs for both mobile marketers and app owners. It is a real challenge to take measures against this phenomenon. You must consider all the strategies available to avoid it and to fight against ad fraud generators otherwise it may cost you thousands of dollars.

Finding The Best Publishers

A successful mobile advertising strategy needs multi-channel marketing approach. It is crucial to find out the best mobile ad publishers for your app and make a good mixture of them to drive the highest quality.

Plan, Execute &


Mobile ad planning, execution and analysis are the keystones of running successful mobile ad campaigns. It delivers better results and create happy customers. You need to have clear goals, well-thought strategy and relevant app marketing tools pave your way to success.

Why App Samurai?

Let us do all the above for you!

Drive quality traffic and acquire engaged app users with the most effective mobile CPI ad campaigns easily.

We Have The Best Ad Types!

You have 3 different ad types to consider while creating your ads: Acquisition Campaigns, Video Campaigns, and Boost Campaigns. Choose the most suitable ad type for your app and start increasing your user base.

Only Pay For

In App Samurai, you don’t pay for sign up. We don’t charge our users unless they create their mobile campaigns. You only pay as you get installs (not clicks). You also don’t pay for tracking your app’s app store performance!

Actionable Ad Fraud Protection

App Samurai engine provides you unique recommendations about your ad campaigns to make them optimized for better results and higher installs. This helps you to spend your money and time both effectively and wisely with buying real app installs.

Self Service &

We make mobile ad planning, execution, and analysis as easy as it gets. With App Samurai, you avoid the complexity of app store intelligence, attribution analytics, and execution without having in-depth mobile marketing knowledge.

You are in good hands.

Proven success with over 5000 customers in more than 70 countries ❤

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