What Is an On-Device Pre-Installed App Campaign?

Pre-installed apps are designed to keep the user in the hands of the manufacturer. The purpose of this technique is that if consumers get used to these pre-installed applications, they will be more likely to get a phone from the same brand when they want to buy a new phone. Thanks to these pre-installed apps, the manufacturer can learn more about their customers from the apps and use it for targeted campaigns. However, we cannot say that all smartphones are equipped with these types of pre-installed applications. There are several differences between manufacturers.

What Is Pre-Installed App & Tracking?

Thanks to this technique, which allows you to monitor upload data through apps pre-installed on devices, you can reach large audiences without publishing online campaigns. App Samurai plays a part as data uses a tracking ID and references all app activations for later, making it easy to track data. These pre-installed apps can be found on most distributed factory installation devices. Partners can monitor these apps activations and associations from factory installation whenever they need it. You too can become a pre-installer partner or work together for your app’s marketing campaigns. In campaigns to monitor pre-installed apps, app owners can ask manufacturers to pre-install their apps on their devices before leaving the factory.

What Are The Requirements?

For this process, you need to be able to meet some requirements. So what are the requirements for working with a preload partner? First you need to update your Android SDK to version 4.23 or higher (you can visit the Set Up Android SDK page to update your SDK to version 4.23 or higher). Next, you have to create a viewer token / ID.


The data that will give you an advantage in preloading campaigns and that you can measure / monitor to take advantage of these benefits are:

  • The number of users who started your pre-installed application,
  • The number of users each manufacturer has implemented, and
  • The manufacturers that bring high-value users.

App Samurai makes pre-installed campaigns for you on certain devices with its contracted mobile apps. Get in contact with us to create a pre-installed app campaign!


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