The Niceties Of Using Reddit For Mobile App Promotion -

The Niceties Of Using Reddit For Mobile App Promotion


If you like our articles which explain methods of promoting your app for free, welcome back for more guidelines on how to invest time and effort into marketing your app when your budget is almost zero. One great opportunity to gather a great number of users is to offer some great resources for the communities built on Reddit before presenting your app in front of them.

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Reddit: Features And Benefits

Simply saying, Reddit is a site for sharing content. Actually, it is more than that. Let’s see what Reddit really means.

How Does It Work?

On Reddit, users create discussions related to their concerns and people comment to those threads. In other situations they can even share interesting articles or images. The condition is to provide useful content for the other ones which follow their actions.

“Sub – Reddits”

Reddit consists of sub – reddits which are communities built around a specific topic. It means that you can find here people discussing absolutely anything.

Reaching Community Of Any Kind

(Photography and Art, Politics (both in the US and worldwide), Religion (including atheism), Video games, Technology (computers, browsers, gadgets, programming), Science, Music, Comics, Food, Fitness etc.)
On Reddit you will discover many influencers and any type of audience which impress their followers with rich and valuable content. You can find the right persons which worth your attention and which can spread the word about your app. The trick is to select the right category for your purpose.

Karma Points And Upvotes

For all the above, Redditors can receive upvotes which means that their content will be more visible, or downvotes which is a sign that they need to improve their skills. Those who are focused on interests of community get karma points which make them an authority in their domain. This way they can build their reputation.

Getting Started With Reddit

In order to show you how it works we will give you some guidelines for a successful experience when you want to post on Reddit. It is important to go through the rules before starting.

Be A Redditor

If you want to start your adventure on Redditor, you need to create an account. You must keep in mind that Redditors hate self – promoters. If you are decided to go further you have to offer high quality content or else you will be removed from the community.

As a developer you can post about your evolution during the process of creation. This way you will intrigue your readers and by the time you release your app you will have your own audience. As you can see you can spread the word about your app without actually promoting it.

Let It Rest For A While!

After posting your messages don’t jump with your app in front of your viewers. It is recommended to wait a couple of weeks before posting on the same sub – reddit. You have to avoid the impression that you are selling a product. So, don’t push it!

5 Steps To Use Reddit For Mobile App Promotion

Let’s see how to market your app without marketing it. Before starting you must check Reddiquette to make sure that you follow the official guidelines.

Who Is Your Target Persona?

The best advantage of choosing Reddit to acquire new users is that all your target audience is gathered under one shelter. If you choose carefully your category you will meet your future customers. You can check the list with the most active sub – reddits available and to choose the one that fits your niche.

Find Highly Relevant Sub – Reddits

You must match your intention with some sub – reddits which debate the same topic like yours. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter the source of your content but you must clearly specify it and you must provide exceptional thoughts about a specific subject.

Curate Your Content According To Different Sub – Reddits

Remember, if one article fits a sub – reddit, it doesn’t mean that you have to share it on multiple threads. You have to adapt your content to readers’ interests. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is that your scope must be to offer great solutions for Redditors’ concerns. You have to communicate with them not to pursuit an obscure purpose to drive everybody into your app.

Share Your New Reddit Posts On Social Media

If you published something on Reddit don’t stop there. Share your activity with your contacts on your favorite social networks. There are big chances to reach Redditors this way and to receive many upvotes for that specific post.

Reddit Advertising Is An Option

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As you can see from the snippet extracted from Reddit if you don’t have time to join the community and if you have money for advertising then you should try Reddit Advertising.

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It is not expensive to start with and you will reach your goal to increase the number of downloads for your app. Even if you choose this way you must know that there are a lot of benefits in spending some time to be accepted in this worthy environment which is Reddit.

Learn From Reddit

Let’s make it clear. We don’t suggest tricking Redditors, we just want to show you advantageous aspects of multiple communities for your app and vice versa.

Get Early Beta Testers And Reviews

As we mentioned before, if you present your ideas from early stages and you ask for feedback you will create an amazing app according to the requirements of your audience.

Attend Discussions And Conversations

It is very useful to share your opinions with other people in the same situation or to provide help for the ones who are in need.

Don’t Miss Weekly Threads!

Even if you need to remain alert to all the topics related to your interests, there are some occasions where you must attend to be sure that you move your plan on the right track. Their title is self-explanatory and it offers you interesting perspectives over different subjects like Feedback FridayScreenshot SaturdayMarketing Monday .

Follow Development And Marketing Trends

You can say that Reddit sets the trend, especially in marketing and app development since every important person posts his ideas on this website. Even if you don’t have time to post that often it is essential to follow the latest movements in the industry.

List Of Some Active Sub – Reddits For App Owners

For helping you further we will give you a hint about the most popular communities which will make a difference for the evolution of your app.


/r/Growth Hacking/r/GameDev/r/indiegaming, /r/gamedesign, /r/devblogs, /r/androidgaming, /r/iOSProgramming /r/appdev


/r/mobile_marketing, /r/mobilemarketing, /r/AppBusiness/r/gamemarketing


/r/androidAppPromotion, /r/startups, /r/playmygame, /r/letsplay, /r/LetsPlayCritiques, /r/androidgaming, /r/FreeGamesOniOS, /r/FreeGamesOnAndroid/r/mobilegamespro


As you already saw there are many challenges involved in the entire process of promoting your app. Don’t let the fact that Redditors hate marketers to scare you, because there are other ways to mention your app for the targeted audience without really asking them to download it. The secret is to offer what you have before asking for your users’ contribution. Make them curious about your work and they will come to you to find out more about your app.


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