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    Best Mobile Advertising Tips


    Mobile advertising is an ever – changing domain. Maybe some of the features that work now won’t be so effective next year and more important there are many improvements in this industry which worth your attention in the moment we are speaking. Our mission at AppSamurai is to present you the latest trends when it comes to marketing on mobile devices. Let’s see what makes the difference between a professional campaign and an inefficient one.

    6 Tips To Create Effective Ad Campaigns In 2017

    It is imperative to be ahead of your competition but don’t forget that along with recent innovative methods you need to be careful with the way you apply those techniques.

    Put Users In Control

    Users are the center of every movement you are making for the growth of your app. Let’s go over what you can do to make them see the value of your creation.
    Enable Opt – In And Out Advertising
    Privacy is a real concern for all customers. Some of them don’t consider appropriate that different brands gather a lot of information about them. Allowing users to express their preferences is a good solution for the evolution of your campaign. Both Google and Apple demand full transparency when it comes to users’ data. If you manage to win their trust first, then they will change their mind and they will opt in for sure.

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    Rewarded Videos
    This type of marketing seems to be flawless because it is considered the wining solution for advertisers, brands and customers. Players receive their price, developers increase their retention and revenue and marketers see the growth of their business. After having a taste of rewarded video ads everyone implied wants some more.

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    Use Non – Intrusive Ad Formats

    Another option for accomplishing your goals is to take advantage of native advertising formats. They blend in perfectly so the advertisers which use this strategy continue to have great results according to their expectations. Because native ads aren’t annoying they provide a great user experience.

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    Get Interactive

    Other solutions for having success with your marketing campaign this year is to match your plan with customers’ desire to be involved in the action provided by the ad.
    Playable Ads
    Transforming ads in an entire adventure and making users active inside the ad will increase their interest and it will transform the whole process in a pleasant and attractive one. It is not enough to show customers a product you need to make them part of the experience. With playable ads they can get a real feeling of what they will receive after taping on the call to action button.

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    Rich Media Ads
    Forget about those boring and annoying banner ads. Now it’s time for rich media banner ads, which include interactive items such as videos, images or social media details. You can let yourself inspired by amazing ad features which will impress customers from the article published on MobileAds. After checking those examples, apply what you think that works with your type of app. You can be sure that your users will reach a higher level of engagement.

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    Make Use Of Advanced Targeting Options

    Related to customers it is highly recommended to reach them with technologies that aim to help them through your ads.
    Contextual Advertising
    Contextual advertising is a good weapon for fighting against the rise of mobile ad blocking. The best approach for this type of advertising is to create users profiles during their activities inside your app. This can be useful not only with your current actions but also to build a real connection with them for future plans. Offering them a great experience overall, helps you to attract only high value users. For example, what is better in a cold rainy day than an ad that shows you where you can drink a hot cup of coffee?

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    Location Based Advertising
    We detailed this technique a couple of times and we will continue with this idea because location based advertising is a great occasion for getting in front of users in the moment they are in the area of your interest. Optimizing your campaign for a more personalized effect will impress your customers and it will make them to return over and over again.

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    Snapchat Geofilters
    You will say that Snapchat Geofilters are part of location – based advertising and you are absolutely right. But we decided to treat it like a stand-alone element because of its effects over retention rate. Due to its interactive nature it is very easy to create a chain reaction with those ads. As we all know social media is very efficient for the word of mouth.

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    Take Advantage Of Emerging Mobile Markets

    We mentioned before and we repeat it again. With oversaturated US market it can be a smart decision to turn your eyes toward other markets that can influence your strategy in a positive way. Among the countries that offer great opportunities for mobile advertising are China, India, Brazil and Russia. Invest your resources in one of these directions for more effective results.

    Measure ROI For Each Campaign

    After applying all the tips listed above how can you be sure that your campaign is a successful one? Due to the complexity of ad platforms you must be careful with what you measure and in what way those results express the true evolution of your strategy. Start simple and grow according to your needs.
    Rising Media Costs
    With the growth of buyers’ requirements the prices are rising as well. A bad practice is to establish a cost for the entire campaign. It is preferably to select a price for every ad group or for each publisher. This way you have a higher control over your campaign and it is easier to measure return of investment.
    Declining Organic Uplift
    As MarketingLand highlights marketers experience a very low organic multiplier, which means that the number of organic installs obtained after a paid install is very small. The solution for advertisers is to concentrate their efforts in attracting organic installs to improve the situation that became worrisome, from 1 : 1.5 to 1 : 0.2 0.5. Let’s not count only installs anymore and focus on attracting users with high lifetime value.


    That was mainly an overview of previous articles where we presented features which will influence mobile advertising in the next months. To summarize that once again, you need to take care of users in every possible way, to try your chances on other big mobile markets and to have a proper measurement of your efforts. That shouldn’t be so hard with us being here all the time and revealing the trends that have an impact for present and near future.

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