What Are Rewarded Ads? The Benefits of Rewarded Ads

What Are Rewarded Video Ads? What are the benefits for advertisers and users? You can find what you wonder about rewarded videos that mobile application users frequently encounter in this blog post.

What Are Rewarded Video Ads?

Mobile video ads are an important audience engagement strategy. There are close to 3 billion smartphone users worldwide. This figure shows why mobile video ads are important. Rewarded Videos are selective video ads that provide and reward incentives such as extra lives and tokens to mobile game users, and these ads cannot be skipped. Thus, user engagement is optimized, and conversion is maximized.

Advertisers and marketers strive to engage with mobile game users at the highest level to maximize conversions. Engagement with users has become highly competitive. So, advertisers and marketers need a smart advertising strategy. Rewarded Ads are increasingly important.

There are four main events in the mobile rewarded ad “funnel”:

  • Ad prompt: A reward is offered to the mobile app user for viewing ads.
  • Preference: The mobile app user prefers to watch the advertisement himself.
  • Ad reward: The mobile app user chooses the rewarded ad display option and thus earns a reward such as extra game life or coins.
  • Item usage: The mobile app user spends the prize earned after watching the rewarded ad and can continue the game from where he left off.

Converts across the entire funnel.

What Are the Benefits of Rewarded Video Ads?

Rewarded mobile video ads play an important role in engagement and retention in developers’ competitive world in the mobile game market. Engagement, retention, and session time are metrics critical to game success. App Samurai is a hugely popular tool that specializes in these key metrics in rewarded mobile video ads. Here is the advantage for mobile app users, rewarded mobile ads update the app experience for free.

Users prefer to watch such ads to access them by spending their free time, rather than spending money on paid items to continue the game and access boosters. Rewarded mobile ads give app users the option to engage, leaving the ad experience’s control to users. This structure, which is under the users’ control, enables rewarded mobile video ads to be operated without disrupting the user experience. Plus, rewarded mobile video ads provide benefits for developers. These ads generate revenue from the app and increase the engagement of app users.

Rewarded mobile video ads have a very high cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) value due to high engagement rates. Also, these ads increase the user retention rate. It offers a good opportunity for advertisers to make money through in-app purchases (IAP). Also, rewards can be used to promote paid features so players can spend money. These ads are preferred because they provide higher user engagement and return on ad spend (ROAS) than other ad formats. Ads are based on user initiative and are tracked to the end due to rewards, resulting in higher conversion rates and brand awareness.

Rewarded mobile video ads are extremely high in both revenue and user engagement. Players will reach more advanced levels with the rewards they get by watching rewarded. Thus, it provides higher eCPMs and engagement, and popularity on Google Play and Apple App Store. Rewarded video mobile ads encourage app users to make in-app purchases.

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