Tell Your App Dev Story With Emojis And Grab $1000 Ad Credit!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our campaign special for World Emoji Day! 🎉

What Is World Emoji Day? 🤔

World Emoji Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on July 17.
It is celebrated with emoji events and product releases worldwide. It is celebrated annually since 2014 when Jeremy Burge has created Emojipedia. The day was Twitter’s top trending item on July 17 in 2015. How a colorful and enjoyable day it is!
We decided to celebrate this day with a four-day free credit campaign. And at the end of this campaign, you can get $1000 free ad credit 💰
It is open for anyone who signs up for the first time, signed up but haven’t used yet or is using our platform actively or randomly. The thing you need to do in order to join the campaign is very simple.
All you need to do is making a social share. Here is how you are going to make that share:

  1. Tell the mobile app development story by just using emojis up to 10
  2. Share this blog page on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn platform and add the emojis to the description
  3. Use #AppSamurai hashtag or mention @AppSamurai in your sharing

Here are the examples:

You see? Very simple! 🤸 🥁

What You Need To Do While Sharing The Post ✍

The points below are necessary to become an attendee 🛎 

  • Sharings are acceptable for only these platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Don’t forget to add #AppSamurai hashtag or @AppSamurai in your social share
  • Don’t forget to give a link to this page in your social share
  • You can share as much as you want. Don’t limit yourself from posting more than one!


How Will We Choose The Winner 🏆

When the campaign finishes on July 17th, we will;

  1. Collect all emoji sharings
  2. Pick the ones that meet our requirements
  3. Share all of them with our team members including Development and Marketing team
  4. Vote them during a day
  5. Pick the one who gathers the highest number of votes 

We will publish the winner on July 19th! 📢

Let’s disclose your creativity and take your free ad credit! Good luck! ✌

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