Mobile Marketing News of the Week

It is very hard to follow important news and updates on mobile marketing if you, as an indie developer or an app marketer, don’t have enough time within a week. This is why we started to bring all the important news of the week together for you.
If you missed what happened this week, here are the top stories in mobile marketing.

1- Periscope Introduces Periscope Producer for Live-Stream Professional Videos

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Periscope Producer is the new in-app feature that enables professionals to stream videos on Periscope. Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour says “The idea with Producer is, we’re taking a big step toward allowing any live broadcast, whether it’s captured on a mobile device or otherwise, to be essentially be piped into Periscope and, vicariously, [to] Twitter.” As an app developer, you can also consider streaming professional videos on Periscope to reach your audience.
Here is a detailed article from Mashable that you can learn more about Periscope Producer.

2- Facebook Tests Ads in Groups

The second important news of the week is about Facebook’s new ad model covering Facebook Groups. According to the news in TechCrunch, Facebook said that “We have started to test delivering ads to people in Facebook Groups, and will be evaluating the response before determining how we will move forward.” When it is ready to launch, you, as an app developer, will be allowed to create ad campaigns in related Facebook Groups which will look the same as News Feed ads.
Here is the article of TechCrunch about the new ad model in Facebook Groups.

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3- Google Published SprayScape’s Code on Github for Developers

Sprayscape is Google’s new VR camera app that lets you tap the screen to spray anything like faces or places. Inside the app, you can take a 360-degree photo and share it with your social network.
The good news is this. If you want to develop a similar app, Google published the app’s code on Github.
Here is the detailed article about SprayScape.

4- RadiumOne Introduces URLs for Apps with Smart Links

RadiumOne launched Smart Links that takes users to the relevant content of the app. Senior vice president of business development at RadiumOne said that “Marketers can better meet consumer expectations by using tools like Smart Links to connect with high-value customers in a more engaging and seamless way to improve customer acquisition and retention, ultimately driving increased revenue.”
For detailed information about the news, you can read this article.


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