Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: September 9 – 15

It has been a very busy week, with a little of everything! Let’s see what happened in mobile marketing ecosystem.

3D Bitmojis Come To Live, Now You Can Use Them In Snapchat AR Filters

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Every Snapchat user (we are talking here about Millennials, of course!) will be glad to discover that AR Bitmoji are available for Snapchat AR Filters. With a little imagination and a rear facing camera you will be able to create funny clips and to integrate those small pictures into your avatar’s adventure. Check The Next Web if you want to discover more about Snapchat’s latest feature.

iOS 11 Is Very Close: New Features Announced At Apple Event

Apple announced that September 19th is the day when iOS 11 will be launched. Additionally to all the novelties already shown this summer there are new features that will amaze the audience after this release. We will make a short list as we found them in The Verge:

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  • Forget about Touch ID; from now on you will be using Face ID based on a smart technology for face recognition;
  • Animoji are animated emoji for iMessage which can be used for sending messages or for creating videos;
  • Portrait Lighting will help users to improve their selfies, even if it is launched in beta;
  • New gestures will be available for iPhone X.

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Recent Research Shows How Germany Advanced In Mobile Marketing

Forbes wrote recently about the growth of mobile in Germany. Let’s see the most interesting facts revealed in the article:

  • The number of apps downloaded is more than 1.1 billion;
  • In terms of app revenues, Germany is the leader in Europe with more than $750 million;
  • eMarketer also forecasts that mobile ad spending in Germany will reach $5.57 billion by 2021;

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Facebook Announced New Brand Safety Features

During Dmexco, Facebook introduced new brand safety tools for advertisers offering them more control over the placements for their ads whether they choose the services provided by social platform or Audience Network. In the same time they will have a list with certain categories if they want to opt – out and also analytics for a better understanding of their campaigns. Moreover, Facebook team is about to join Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) anti – fraud program. Read all about it in The Drum.

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YouTube Has Ad Viewability Up To 95%

YouTube announced an interesting series called Training Days, produced by James Corden, Ben Winston, Gabe Turner and Leo Pearlman which will start next year, in spring. YouTube also revealed that it has an ad viewability rate of 95% and its Bumper Ads had an increase of 70% in the number of advertisers who used this tool between first and second quarter of this year. If you want to discover more about the plans of YouTube team to fund original content with James Corden, Katy Perry and Ellen DeGenres we invite you to read the entire article published in The Drum.

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Dmexco Took Place Leaving Remarkable Insights

Most part of the news revealed above was from dmexco (Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference) which took place this week, September 13 – 14. There are many innovations to cover from this event but we will summarize the ideas described by Mashable. It is all about the message sent by the companies towards their customers in order to prove how valuable their brands are (we keep saying this in our articles on App Samurai Blog). An example for proving the power of content is “Auf ein glas mit” (On a glass with) for Endemol Shine Germany, a series of videos about food and wine. The results are great because the first episode has over 350,000 view on YouTube. The next exemple is Garmin which created an online magazine, BeatYesterday for making readers interested in their fitness wearables. Another key point of discussion was personalization (sounds familiar?) and its role for building a relationship with customers. This time the example comes from Mi Adidas campaign. A hot topic was also Artificial Intelligence (of course!) and according to  Bob Lord from IBM, AI will be one of the most important investment priorities by 2020. Also the team from IBM states that storytelling is really efficient for providing the right context (we also wrote a thing or two about that). Speaking about technology, when VR powers creativity the results are astonishing, just like Dear Angelica, made with Quill tool which represents the story of two women in this tech world.

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Final Thoughts

Definitely, it has been an exciting week because:

  • New Bitmojis for AR Filters are the elements implemented by Snapchat for attracting Millennials.
  • Apple revealed the day when the new iOS 11 will be launched with impressive features; it is September 19th.
  • Germany is a powerful country also when it comes to mobile marketing domain.
  • Facebook announced a lot of improvements with its set of brand safety tools.
  • YouTube prepares a series of videos created by experts and more than that, it shows that viewability for its ad features is up to 95%.
  • Dmexco was by far one of the most interesting events of this week.

Now it is time to …
Enjoy your weekend!

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